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Veranna's Authority - Part 6 (FvF)


Veranna is on the warpath and it leads right back to Judy. (4K)

Veranna's Authority - Part 5


Darren meets with Veranna and Judy to discuss the results of the evaluation. Veranna risks her own job with serious accusations in a Boss versus Boss confrontation. (4K)


Veranna's Authority - Part 4 (FvF)


Judy is forced to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, orchestrated by Veranna and conducted by Kim with her job on the line.

Presented in 4K!


Veranna's Authority - Part 3 (FvF)


Judy fights back, but not with wrestling this time. Veranna is forced to look outside her normal wheelhouse for a solution and in doing so, looks to a friend of a friend for help.


Veranna's Authority - Part 2 (Mixed / FvF)


Judy enters the fray... to stunning consequences..


Veranna's Authority - Part 1


The office has changed. With Veranna in charge there is a new set of rules, but not everyone is adapting as well to them. Johnny finds himself in an uncomfortable position with coworker Bethany.

Candy's Tryout (FvF) - FREE


Time for Site Challenge #3 -- this time it's tall, leggy Candy who wants to join Scissored.Net. If she wants to do so, she'll have to go through Nia first. Will this be Candy's first or last match?


Bullies - Part 5 (FvF)


Monique convinces Erika to return to the gym for one final match against Lindsay and Kya. A double victory in front of several witnesses brings their rivalry to a crushing close.


Bullies - Part 4


Miles looks for a little revenge on his ex-trainee, in the form of a match recording that has gone missing. In his search for the recording, he runs into Christina. Whose side is she on?




Bullies - Part 3 (FvF)


The truth comes out when Lindsay invites Erika to a recorded Queen Gear photo shoot.



Bullies - Part 2 (FvF)


As Erika and Christina share experiences being bullied, Christina runs into a bully from her past... Erika's friend and new member of the gym, Monique.


Bullies - Part 1 (Mixed / FvF)

 Erika has been doing gym training sessions with Miles, in secret to hide from Lindsay. But what happens when Kya tips Lindsay off about her secret sessions?

Friends with Benefits - Part 3 (FvF)

Layla makes her first visit to the hot tub since her tournament victory, but Shay doesn't take kindly to her surprising attitude.



Friends with Benefits - Part 2

   Tay finds himself caught between his wife and her friend, Rochelle; Quite literally, as they squeeze him to see who has the stronger legs.

Friends with Benefits - Part 1 (FvF)

   Layla and Sarah are good friends, but neither one intends on taking much of the others advice. That will have to change after they have their first match.

College Journals – Sneak Attack

Ethan struggles to balance his personal life with both school and extra-curricular activities, while turmoil brews among faculty.

Chapter 16 | Chapter 17 | Chapter 18

Fallout - Part 2 (FvF)

Lindsay argues with Kya about her allegiance to Yvonne and her brand. One woman proves to be an ass-kisser.


Fallout - Part 1

Jacky looks to back up her claims but winds up abruptly dominated by Miles.


Site Challenge #2

|Sarah wrestles her boyfriend in a try-out match. Will this be her first match, or her last match?


Site Challenge #2 - Prologue

|A new couple comes in for an interview for the latest upcoming site challenge.


Rehab – Part 5 (FvF)

It all started with Rochelle’s rehab process and now it comes to an end. Can she pass the final test? What is the final test?

Rehab – Part 4 (FvF)

Both Deloris and Elina have an itch to get back into wrestling training after the last session… But what happens when it’s against each other?


Rehab – Part 3

Arnold has been replaced and he’s not happy about it. Replaced, not just by a woman, but by a much older woman. Elina agrees to allow him a challenge match with Deloris under her supervision.


Rehab – Part 2 (FvF)

Elina looks to give Rochelle another challenge, while being careful not to push her too hard, too early — and she’s got just the right opponent in mind.


Rehab – Part 1

Rochelle is back at it again in training with physiotherapist, Elina. How will her rehab progress hold up against a male opponent?


Practice (FvF) – FREE

When Yvonne takes some private time to herself at the gym, Jacky can’t resist poking her and a confrontation ensues.

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2023 Banner Tournament Hub

16 Women, 15 Full Matches, 2,000+ Images!

The Boss and the Banner Girl (FvF)

Veranna has taken over from Lyla as the ‘boss’ of the office. Just as she starts to get comfortable, she’s taken down an unexpected path.


Unfit (FvF)

It’s Muscles against Curves as the confident and ultra-fit Lindsay wrestles the super-thick nice girl, Erika. This highly competitive match exposes one woman as utterly inferior to the other.

Hall of Shame #3

The 3rd ever Hall of Shame match is a mixed match! This one features one nominee who feels they deserve it and one who feels they definitely don’t. Who will be forced to retire?


Hall of Fame #2

It’s time for the 2nd ever Hall of Fame match! Find out who gets the golden statue and who gets humiliated in this first ever mixed Hall of Fame induction match.

Yvonne vs Mara (FvF)

One woman will prove her dominance and this time it’s for real!


Lessons Learned (FvF)

Candace and her mother go to therapy. Candace finds herself displeased with the distracted therapist and her advice. The normally calm Kim loses her temper when Candace crosses a line.

Mismatch – Part 2 (FvF)

After Marie and Amelia’s conflict is settled, Christina and sister Zoe disagree about who was right. Issues from the past are brought to light as each sister looks to prove who the real ‘big sister’ is.


Mismatch – Part 1 (FvF)

Frustrated with an annoying little office clerk, Marie looks to resolve things by force. Will it pay off?


College Journals – Intrusions (FvF)

When Tisha turns to the campus Therapist for help, Casey gets suspicious.

Chapter 13 | Chapter 14 | Chapter 15


Mara Returns – Part 2 (FvF)

Mara looks to start making some changes in her life. Will they turn out for the better? Find out what the “new” Mara looks like!


Mara Returns – Part 1 (Mixed / FvF)

We know what life is like at the office for you, but how has it been for Mara? Beyond that, imagine what a 2 on 1 dream match against Yvonne would be like? (Includes an interactive POV match)


Site Challenge #1 – Missy vs Shay (FvF)

Time for the match! Will this be Missy’s first and last match, or just her first? Can Shay prove she’s the real deal or will she go on a losing streak?


Site Challenge #1 – Prologue 2

Time for a quick interview with Missy’s choice of challenge… Shay!


Site Challenge #1 – Prologue 1

There’s a new kind of challenge coming to the site and we need your help setting it up! Meet a new young prospective mat wrestler who wants to challenge a Scissored.Net veteran!

College Journals – The Wallflower (Mixed / FvF)

Maika’s recent experiences prompt her to do a little more exploring… will she like what she finds?

Chapter 10 | Chapter 11 | Chapter 12

Her Play Thing – Part 5 (FvF)

Rochelle wants to practice with Shay for a special upcoming match when Layla gets involved instead.


Her Play Thing – Part 4

Tay’s birthday surprise continues with a mixed match against his wife, Shay!



Her Play Thing – Part 3 (FvF)

Shay takes on Rochelle in a kinky private rematch, with a special guest spectator.


Her Play Thing – Part 2

Rochelle and Shay hit the hot tub again. This time, they’re joined by an unexpected visitor; Vince.


Her Play Thing – Part 1 (FvF)The only thing Layla loves more than complaining to Shay about Vince, is Shay’s Hot Tub. Shay hopes an encounter with Rochelle will gain her a little more neighbourly privacy in the future.

Story Builder v0.1 (Alpha) (Mixed / FvF)

Use our collection of Tournament images to create your own custom story with the Story Builder tool! Or view other custom stories shared by other users here.

Updated: May 4th – Kira vs Timothy Added for Mixed Wrestling!

Fame vs Shame – Q&A

Interview the winner of the event! (no wrestling)



Fame vs Shame – Round 2 -FAME (FvF)

Round 2 concludes with the 1st ever HALL OF FAME scissor duel!



Fame vs Shame – Round 2 -SHAME (FvF)

Round 2 begins with the 2nd ever HALL OF SHAME scissor duel!


Fame vs Shame – Round 1 (FvF)

Who will have a chance to join the Hall of Fame and who will risk elimination in the Hall of Shame? Find out in Round 1, as Lyla faces Jocelyn and Shay faces Rochelle in Double Scissor Duels.




Prologue – Fame vs Shame

Wanna help set up the next Scissored.Net competition? Come and review the nominations for the next Hall of Shame match, and the nominations for the new Hall of Fame.



College Journals – Truth Hurts

Kira continues her journal after Samar tells her a shocking secret.

Chapter 9 |



Return of the Queen – Part 2 (FvF)

The Queen returns and this time she’s looking to settle another old score. Can anyone stop her? Can any two stop her?


Return of the Queen – Part 1

The Queen is back to confront her ex-boyfriend and do some house-cleaning of her past demons.



Prologue – Return of the Queen

Your royal highness returns with an announcement… and a warning.



College Journals – Friends and Lovers (FvF / Mixed)

Sahana hides recent events from Casey, while Asako and Ethan ‘put the moves’ on each other.

Chapter 5 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 8

College Journals – Leather and Lace (Mixed / FvF)

The College Journals continue from where we left at Prologue 8.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4



College Journals – The Prologues

Welcome to a free introduction to the College Journals series!

Prologue 1 – Kira’s Kindness | Prologue 2 – Lori’s Love

Prologue 3 – Casey’s Cruelty | Prologue 4 – Timothy’s Trouble

Prologue 5 – Samar’s Secret | Prologue 6 – Sahana’s Seduction

Prologue 7 – Boys Night Out | Prologue 8 – Careful Confessions


Lyla vs YOU

Interactive POV Match — Despite all that’s happened, Lyla refuses to stop over-stepping her bounds. Now it’s time to try and take matters into your own hands!



Lyla vs Mara (FvF)

When another date night is interrupted by Lyla, Mara decides she’s had enough and challenges her. One woman earns a decisive victory at the expense of their humbled and humiliated opponent.


Conflict Resolution

Bethany and Mantel have been fighting over project leadership responsibilities. Despite being completely inexperienced with wrestling, the plus-sized Bethany allows her frustration to get the better of her as she’s goaded into a (pins) match with the suave male in front of the boss.


The Good Friend (FvF)

Mara finds out who has been behind the “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID” messages she’s been receiving, and faces off with her. This follows the main storyline.


The Bad Boss

Lyla returns to take on a disgruntled subordinate male that reports to her. This follows the Office Gossip storyline and the main storyline.



The King of King Street – CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH

This is it! The final match of the entire tournament. Find out who proves fit to rule and who is made to serve.


Interlude – King of King St. CHAMPIONSHIP

In this short members exclusive preview, Mass!ve Magazine takes a look at the final 2 bodybuilders in the Championship Match with a special interview.


The King of King Street – Queens vs Queens Finals

Two Queens face off against one another for the right to wrestle the top bodybuilder from the Kings-vs-Queens bracket.



The King of King Street – Kings vs Queens Finals

This is the final match of the Kings vs Queens bracket. The winner goes on to face the Queens bracket winner (TBD) in the championship.



The King of King Street – Round 2 – FvF

Find out who makes it into the Final 4!



The King of King Street – Round 2 – Mixed

This is the Round 2 update, focusing on the Kings vs Queens side of the tournament. Make sure you’ve seen Round 1 first (updates below).



The King of King Street – Round 1 – FvF

Round 1 continues on the Female vs Female bodybuilder side of the tournament. 8 women collide, 4 will remain.



The King of King Street – Round 1 – Mixed

This is Round 1 of the Mixed side of the tournament. Which of the 8 men and women will move on to Round 2?



The King of King Street – Prologue 2

Ready to find out who’s in the new Mixed / FvF bodybuilding tournament? All 16 participants are revealed!



The King of King Street – Prologue 1

Another free prologue to reveal the backstory behind an upcoming male/female bodybuilders wrestling competition.



Hall of Shame (FvF)

Theresa takes on Mara in their final confrontation. 1 last Double Scissor Duel to determine who will be the 1st ever Inductee into the Hall of Shame!



Hall of Shame – Prologue 2

Sam returns, but this time he wants to give Theresa’s legs a try. Will he survive for more than a minute? The interviewer is back with some questions for Theresa about the upcoming contest with Mara.


Hall of Shame – Prologue 1

Sam won a raffle at the Tournament. Will his prize be everything imagined? Mara has a chance to win something too, but it’s not what she hoped.. Or is it? Check out her interview and mixed scissor session.


The Last Session (Mixed / FvF)

A tangled web of conflict comes to a head in this major confrontation!



Wrestle Therapy (FvF)

Ever had a group of friends where 2 of them just don’t get along as well as the others? Well, that’s Uma and Shalene. They’re friends with Kim and April, but are always testy with each other. The solution? Wrestle Therapy.


COVID Conflict (FvF)

As tough as April has found it living with Kim before the pandemic, she’s finding it even more difficult now. Each of the ladies do their best to make the other see things their way.


The New You (Mixed / FvF)

Time for a POV date with April!



The New You – Prologue 2

Psych evaluation session #2 begins now!




The New You – Prologue 1

This is a new free prologue that begins the introduction of a new storyline, with new characters and most importantly: a new you.



Parental Advisory (FvF)

Mara’s Mother enters the picture, looking to end the conflict with Theresa’s Mother, Lydia.



The Nightingale Decision

A short story about a man and his dream girl: The lady they call The Nightingale.

The Lottery Ticket – Part 2

Diana’s husband comes home happy, but his mood suddenly changes when Diana gets testy with him. Someone learns their place.



The Lottery Ticket – Part 1 (FvF)

This is a 35-page comic book style story that focuses on a catfight between Diana and Rose, who both stake claim to the winning lottery ticket. Will Diana’s big thighs land Rose in big trouble, or will the feisty little woman teach her a lesson?



Interactive Tag Team Tournament

The Event – Prologue 4

As The Tournament draws near, here is a little more backstory behind how it came about and why certain participants may  show up to face off against you.



The Event – Prologue 3

Another small free update that brings us closer to the upcoming event. This time, the story takes place from your point of view.



The Event – Prologue 2

Part 2 of The Event Prologue. This is another free bite-sized update that reveals more about the upcoming special members event. Note that this contains no wrestling.



The Event – Prologue 1

This is a free mini-update that contains no wrestling. This is also the first Prologue on the site — Prologues will help to build both character/story and anticipation to an upcoming match.. or in this case, an upcoming special members event.


All Star Scissors – Volume 6 (Mixed/FvF)

This a bonus image gallery containing a mixed bag of match-ups.



Clip of the Week – Bonus Gossip (FvF)

Claire releases some frustration on Megan, as retribution for recent events in this animated video clip.

(Includes Bonus Mixed Clip)


All Star Scissors – Volume 5

Take a break from the longer matches and check out some new mixed wrestling highlights.



Office Gossip – Part 4 (FvF)

Who will end up with the promotion… better yet: Who will survive?



Office Gossip – Part 3

Lyla discusses the latest office happenings with her boyfriend and finds that he isn’t being supportive enough.



Office Gossip – Part 2 (FvF)

A little more gossip, a promotion, and a confrontation are all it takes to set one office rivalry off. One of the 2 “alpha” women are forced to learn to be a “beta”, by the end of this one.


Office Gossip – Part 1

There’s a new promotion coming and everyone wants it… One woman begins making a direct request to the boss. She may not like his answer.



Human Resources (FvF)

Just when you thought your life couldn’t get any more dramatic, it does. Perhaps there’s a way out? It’s time for a visit to the HR department! This story continues from Office Life – Part 2.


Can Ya Handle it? (Mixed / FvF)

This is an 8 minute video clip featuring some friends taking part in the latest social media game; Can Ya Handle It.



Office Life – Part 2

Last night’s events leave you with a big decision to make… with some serious repercussions.



Office Life – Part 1 (FvF)

This begins the next volume of the main storyline, following the events of “The Lie”. After a traumatic experience in your personal life, your focus shifts back to another area of your life: Office Life.


The Red Thong

This is a 36-page noir style comic that features a detective investigating a serial criminal who always leaves an unusual calling card at the scene of the crime: red thong underwear.



Clip of the Week – Sandy Sits

Sandy’s bubble-butt does a number on Todd, as his Valentines Day Massacre continues. This is additional animated video following from Together Forever.


Shay vs Donna (FvF)

Shay steps out of the hot tub to tussle with her friend, Donna. One of them finds out they have a lot more to learn than they thought they did.



Together Forever

Valentines Day means something different to everyone. For this couple, it means change. Much needed change that’s been a long time coming. Unfortunately, Todd and Sandy don’t agree on the matter. Who will get their way? Or will they make an agreement?

(Includes 2 Bonus Animated Video Clips)


The Lie (FvF)

Theresa conspires with Elina to make amends with Kara. Kara accepts an invitation to wrestle at Elina’s without realizing things may not be exactly as they seem. This chapter follows the main storyline.


You vs Your Girlfriend

POV Mini-Game – Who truly wears the pants in your relationship? Box, Race and Wrestle your girlfriend to find out!




The Truth – Part 3 (FvF)

A catfight ensues…



The Truth – Part 2

You’ve got some catching up to do; but not with who you might think. The path to the truth begins with an interesting question, yet to be revealed.



The Truth – Part 1 (FvF)

Theresa confronts her mother, Lydia, once more. Is she repeating past mistakes or is she forging her own new path?



The Neighbours

Ever had a a neighbour with a nice Hot Tub, or a swimming pool? Ever heard or seen your neighbours fight? Well, new girl Layla and her boyfriend Vince certainly have. Find how how Shay’s neighbours react to the events in Hot Tub Battle.


Maid in Paris (FvF)

Theresa looks to make her dream night in Paris a reality; but will it end in disaster?



Hot Tub Battle

Guess who’s back? Donna returns to take on big Tay. Two couples are enjoying the hot tub, when Chad and Tay accuse Donna of making up ‘fake stories’.  Sexy wet bodies collide in this super-size story!


Fantasy Gallery Have a dream match-up? Maybe you’ll find it in here…


Love, Legs and Angry Ladies (FvF)

Another chapter in your characters current saga — This story follows from Halloween Party – Part 2 and the preceding story-line. Find out what happened after the Halloween Party. Also, see Theresa back in competitive female-vs-female wrestling action.


Halloween Party – Part 2

POV / Choose Your Path – This is a special interactive wrestling mini-game. During the Truth or Dare game, you will be able to challenge one of the women at the party to wrestle you. Think you can win?


Halloween Party – Part 1 (FvF)

POV / Choose Your Path story – Another Date Night! This time Elina wants to get out. What better place to go than a Halloween Party?



Clip of the Week – Scissor vs Scissor (FvF)

Jane thought she’d moved on, but Katie was determined not to let her. Katie uses her ability to cross-over into the SuperModels League to challenge Jane. When the women snatch each other in a double headscissor, only one will survive! Find out which lady gets crushed out and humiliated in this animated video clip.


Clip of the Week – Katie Crushes

Watch Katie wiggle and squeeze a poor skinny fellow in this animated video clip.



Acting the Part – Part 3 (FvF)

Find out who escapes and who doesn’t…



Acting the Part – Part 2

Nate’s ex-girlfriend enters the picture… someone’s gonna pay the price.



Acting the Part – Part 1 (FvF)

Nasty Nate is back and dating a new girl. How will she react when he tells her his version of what happened with his ex?



Caught in the Act

Deloris might be an older woman, but she’s still young at heart. An irresistible young man convinces her to sleep with him, despite the fact that she’s married. She figures that what her husband doesn’t know, can’t hurt him — but if he did know, it might hurt her.


The Dating Game – Part 2 (FvF)

Choose Your Path story – Date night continues!



The Dating Game – Part 1

POV / Choose Your Path story – Theresa invites you out for drinks. The exciting part is that you think she might finally tell you who she’s setting you up for a date with. Who will it be? And will it be meant to last?


Nasty Nate

This story features Elina and her brother Nate. Nate brings over his girlfriend Candace to meet Elina. Seeing Nate interact with Elina for the first time makes Candace realize what an ego Nate has – will she end up squashing his ego? Or will this play out with a different twist?


Theresa Scissors

Theresa has always loved to tease her friend Douglas about how much shorter he is than her. Douglas boasts that Theresa is too weak to do anything to him, so she challenges him to see if  he can handle her scissors. Theresa wraps Douglas up in her long legs and helps him realize that a lifetime of teasing has been well-deserved.


Muscle Matters (FvF)

Elina doesn’t think muscle is a big factor in wrestling. Kalley disagrees and challenges her to put her theory to the test. The loser is scissored silly and left to re-consider their opinions about muscle and wrestling.


Forum Wars – Fitness Jerks (Mixed / FvF)

New concept! Kalley posts on an online message board about a recent gym encounter. When a forum troll calls her a liar, she posts pics to prove her story. Find out what happens when internet trash talking goes too far!


Jocelyn vs Vera (FvF)

Jocelyn returns to take on Vera, in the sauna!



The Boxing Game

POV / Choose Your Path story – You get to throw the punches… and choose the consequences (or rewards)! Meet up with Theresa to chat about how things have been going and have a friendly boxing match. This follows The Better Woman and Mother vs Daughter.


Chores – Part 2 (FvF)

Tammy tells her friend Yanita how easy it was to crush James down to size. Yanita is well known from the SuperModels Wrestling league — and she doesn’t appreciate Tammy’s tone when she declares that wrestling is easy and she could do what Yanita does. The two wrestle on the bed to find out if Tammy is as good as she thinks she is.


Chores – Part 1

Chauvinist James thinks the house is a mess – he finds his wife in the bedroom and accuses her of being lazy “trailer trash”. But she’s not going to take his crap. The fight is on when he pie-faces her and shoves her onto the bed.


The Better Woman (FvF / Mixed)

POV / Choose Your Path story – This story follows the events of Age vs Beauty. You meet Mara at the coffee shop to discuss what’s been going on. Where it goes from there, is in your hands!


SuperModel Returns

Lydia has been renting out the new wrestling studio to SuperModels Wrestling every Wednesdays for practice. Muscle-man Dave takes on a familiar model.


Mother vs Daughter (FvF)

Theresa confronts her mother, after giving her a piece of her mind. One lady is put in her place after a long-legged thrashing. This occurs several days after the events of Age vs Beauty.


Choices – Mix-and-Match (Mixed / FvF)

Create your own fantasy match-ups! Ever wonder if Theresa could use her long legs to squeeze out Lisa? Or how badly Lisa could crush Kevin? You get to choose the participants and outcome between combinations of Mara, Theresa, Lisa, Kevin and Xira.


All Star Scissors – Volume 4

New mixed bag of images!



Age vs Beauty (Mixed / FvF)

POV / Choose Your Path story – Theresa’s mother is interested in trying out wrestling. After being taught by Theresa, she decides to have a match. How will she do against younger opponents?


The Circle of Fire

When Draganna finds her homeland in ruins, there will be hell to pay. She challenges the leader of the Tiger Clan to combat in The Circle of Fire.



My Sister (FvF)

Kara’s sister looks to setup a private match with Mara. Is Mara in over her head this time?



Gang Wars – Xira vs Helga (FvF)

After Gang Wars – Part 3, Helga is back and she challenges Xira for leadership! One woman wins; the other is crushed and enslaved in subordinance to the winner..


The Scheme – Part 2

Julie and Steve take another run at their “scheme”… Will both parties stick to the plan?



The Scheme – Part 1

Julie and Steve are co-workers who both hate their job. Steve convinces Julie to assist in a scheme to earn some quick side cash. Will both sides hold up to their end of the bargain?


COMICS Gallery

Updated on 03/21/19! This section is where we keep all comics made for Scissored.Net Members only. All comics are focused towards mixed and female wrestling.


Who Shall I Crush? (FvF / Mixed)

Despite some heated matches, Kara, Theresa, Mara, Kevin and you are all friends again… but the question remains; Who is the best of you?



What Shall I Wear?

Mara plans on doing some modelling for you… but there’s a catch: She wants you to choose the outfit.



Picture Perfect – Part 2 (FvF)

Theresa vs Kara – No double-teaming, no excuses; best woman wins.



Picture Perfect – Part 1 (Mixed/FvF)

Theresa’s been doing something in previous stories that you and Mara have noticed – but it’s something Kara and Kevin did not know about… and when they find out, they’re gonna be pissed!


Bonus Zone – FvF Clips

Miscellaneous collection of bonus video clips for female vs female wrestling fans only.



The Cocky Boyfriend

Kara is the petite, quiet cousin of Mara. Kara’s boyfriend has an ego that’s almost as big as he is – and Mara wants to tell you all about it.



Your First Squeeze – Part 2 (Mixed/FvF)

Special POV / Choose Your Path story – Find out what Mara’s been up to since your last meeting… What will you do next?



Your First Squeeze – Part 1

Special POV / Choose Your Path story – Go out on a date with Mara! Find out if you can convince her to go home with you.. or better yet, scissor you.

Note: Features the BEGINNING of the main storyline with multiple endings and upgraded visuals from previous stories.


Booty Queen – Part 2 (FvF)

Katie returns to take on Yanita in Part 2 of the Cross-Over Event. A couple special stipulations raise the stakes to new heights in this match.



Booty Queen – Part 1

Inter-League Cross-Over Event! Mixed Duos will compete against SuperModels Wrestling, in a mixed oil wrestling match. Yanita returns to face off against Jane’s ex-boyfriend (Katie’s fiancée). The winner will compete in the other’s league, in part 2 of this event.


The Man of the House

One husband’s paranoia leads to an all-out wrestling match with his wife on the reality show, Who Rules the House. His best friend agrees to watch ringside and raise the hand of the winner.

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Fitness Folly – Part 2 (FvF)

Sauna Fight! An argument about a fitness contract and an unexpected automatic rebill turns into a brawl in The Gym Sauna. The loser learns her lesson and learns it well, as she’s out-wrestled past the point of exhaustion into a sweaty, dormant state.


Fitness Folly – Part 1

A Personal Trainer at The Gym likes to show his students how wrestling and fitness benefit one another. What happens when his top student challenges him to wrestle in front of the other student? Has the student surpassed the teacher? Or just her ego?


Revenge of the Stripped – Part 2 (FvF)

When one lady doesn’t get the apology she wants, she decides to force it out of her. The loser ends up squeezed to tears in a brutal reverse headscissor that relentlessly crushes away her identity; leaving her reduced to an embarrassed shell of her former self. The pitiful loser seeks approval of the gleeful winner in a humiliating display of subservience.

One lady will never be the same again – Find out who…


Revenge of the Stripped – Part 1

This follows the events of Stripped. Wrestling matches can sometimes lead to relationship issues – just ask this guy… Or better yet, ask his blond haired, blue eyed, long legged, busty, super model girlfriend – who is NOT happy with him after his last match…



Two never seen before Super Models compete in Mixed Oil Wrestling. Our male model accuses his opponent of looking like a “stripper”. More than just egos are stripped in this match.


Shackled Again

More Oil Wrestling! Things get interesting when this model agrees to a facesit match with his hands shackled. Will he regret his decision or overcome the odds as he’s done before?


SuperModel Contract Battle (FvF)

Two ladies compete for a contract with SuperModels Wrestling. Will it be the reality TV star or the plus-sized model?



Wed Locked – Part 4

Wrestle Court returns for the final chapter of this story. Someone leaves rich and someone leaves broke. WINNER TAKES ALL!

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Wed Locked – Part 3

The story continues as this honeymoon surprise turns out to be a squeezingly unpleasant one…



Wed Locked – Part 2 (Mixed/FvF)

Wedding bells are ringing… What could possibly go wrong?



Wed Locked – Part 1

The events of Leg Locked have escalated to the courtroom for settlement… but not just any courtroom; Wrestle Court.



Clip of the Week – Ann Squeezes

Ann faces an arrogant male model, who was foolish enough to predict that he’d “smash her”. How wrong he was. Fired up, Ann works over her egotistical foe until he’s completely exhausted. Ann ignores her opponents cries for mercy and twists him into a pretzel; a reverse headscissor pretzel. His head, arms and legs are all locked into the longest legs in the world of Ann.

Watch Ann squeeze the life out of this humbled man in this animated video clip.


Leg Locked

This takes place months after Lip Locked. The mistress is tired of waiting for a change, and enacts a plan to lock her man into his new role – ’till death do us part.


The Daily Squeeze

Old style newspapers, focusing on mixed wrestling stories.

Latest Issue: #4, October 29th, 2018 – Bodybuilding Shocker / Teacher’s Lesson


Overpowered – Muscle Worship (FvF)

This takes place immediately after the match in Overpowered – Part 2. The woman on the losing team feels the win is invalidated by the fact she never tagged in once – so she challenges the victor to a 1-on-1 match!


Fake Weights – Fallout

What happened after the events of “Fake Weights“?

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)



Fake Weights (Mixed/FvF)

A bodybuilder, new to The Gym, loves posting clips of her workouts on social media. A couple familiar faces at The Gym accuse her of using fake weights. Will she be exposed as a fraud?


All Star Scissors – Volume 3

New squeeze compilations!



My BF – Bonus Story (FvF)

The Yoga Instructor at The Gym gets caught hitting on the boyfriend of one of the members – but she doesn’t care! Her shorter opponent retaliates, but quickly finds herself in deep waters.


Who Rules the House?

“Who Rules the House?” is a reality show that lets couples settle their differences in the wrestling ring. One jealous husband looks to show his dominance over his wife. This includes a spoiler for the previous Vanity stories.

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Commentary Fued Renewed

This is a sequel to Duel for the Desk. Reg is looking to get his old job back! But Marg is content to have Reg as her assistant. Who will have their way?



Tagged Out – Bonus Round (FvF)

Half of a revenge is no revenge at all! See the two ladies from the last match square off in this special presentation of female wrestling.



Tagged Out – The Rematch

Perhaps a little revenge is in order?



Tagged Out (Mixed/FvF)

Two new teams enter the Mixed Duos arena!



The New Circus Strongman

This is a sequel to The Circus Strongman. There’s a new circus strongman in town – or should we say strongwoman? Can anyone in the crowd last 10 minutes in the ring with this powerful woman?


Beach House – Relationship Issues

Edna is the dominant one in her relationship – but her boyfriend feels it’s going overboard, and he’s tired of it. He confronts Edna and looks to reverse their roles.


Leg Jail

Another episode of Wrestle Court is back! This poor guy ends up wishing he was in a regular jail, after he’s sentenced to leg jail.

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


All Star Scissors – Volume 2

Some of the best ladies from previous stories apply scissors and other holds. No story, just scissors.



SuperModels and Oil and Wrestling

Two SuperModels go at it, in mixed oil wrestling action.

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)



Gang Wars – Part 3

Can Xira execute the final act of her plan? Or is Helga a step ahead of her?



Gang Wars – Part 2

This gangster made a cameo in Part 1. Things go awry when he gets blind-sided on his blind date, by someone whose allies he’s been snitching on – Xira!


Gang Wars – Part 1

Two gang members discuss a plan to overthrow their current leader, Helga. If they have their way, Xira will be the new leader and they will be her new Lieutenants. What if everyone is not on board with this plan?


The Circus Strongman

Step right up, step right up! Come and enjoy the circus and find if anyone is brave enough to challenge undefeated The Circus Strongman.



Wrestle Court

Wrestle Court is a new reality TV series that draws its ratings by pitting scantily clad foes against each other in court, seeking a settlement from a Judge. Today’s case features 2 business partners looking for sole ownership of their company.


Firmly Seated

A heated rivalry between 2 supermodels intensifies, when one of them requests a special stipulation to their re-match. The loser suffers more than just a loss in this one…


Out of My League

Two models are on a losing streak that has to be broken. There’s just one problem – the loser will be eliminated from the league forever! Find out who gets their 1st win and who gets kicked out of the business in this scrappy match.



Two models are on a win streak – one has to lose, as they face each other. One of them is Ann – a supermodel with super-long legs. Can she prove she’s deserving of a shot at top model, Adam?


Super Model Shackle

Mixed Oil Wrestling! One young beautiful model is having trouble getting any wins against the male models. Facing off against an arrogant mouthy opponent with his hands tied should help her – Or will it cause her ultimate humiliation?

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Battle of the Bots

In the future, robots with artificial intelligence do battle in a massive stadium for the entertainment of millions. This tells the story of the first attempt to mix and match different types of bots against each other in the combat arena.


Lip Locked – Part 2

The dating game continues… Could this wealthy man be in some trouble when he has bad news to break?

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Lip Locked – Part 1

During a date, when one person becomes standoffish, the other becomes frisky. That can’t be a recipe for dating success – or can it?



Overpowered – Part 2

2 Teams take their conflict to the Mixed Duos arena! Someone’s looking to take their anger out on their opponents in this one. Find out who gets rage crushed!

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Overpowered – Part 1 (Mixed/FvF)

Lisa is making a name for herself at The Gym… But with this, perhaps comes jealousy. Trash talk leads to a leg scissors contest – who’s got the best legs?


The Loser

A game of 2-on-2 beach volleyball at the beach house turns ugly when the losing team begins blaming each other.

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Upper Body vs Lower Body

3 of The Gym’s biggest bodybuilders are chatting about what matters more – upper body strength, or lower body strength? See what happens when 2 of them are put to the test.

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Late Fee

Our Yoga instructor was to meet up with a friend at the beach, but he’s late! When he foolishly tries to talk back to her, she serves him a heavy dose of humble pie. His head is left crushed and his identity grinded away.

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Chasing Jane

More Mixed Oil Wrestling in the SuperModels League. Katie looks to join, but there’s 1 problem – she’s not a model! Can Katie force her way into the league and continue her fued with Jane? Or will she embarrass herself in her attempt against the league’s top model, Adam?

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Jane’s Revenge (Mixed/FvF)

Jane returns to Mixed Duos to settle a score with her biggest rival… Once and for all!



Jane’s Return

New Match Type: Super Models Mixed Oil Wrestling! Jane has not been seen since “On My Throne” – until now! She’s got a new job and a new place to vent her frustrations.

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Mixed Duos – New Partners

Lisa and Phil have joined the Mixed Tag wrestling league. However, these 2 powerhouses are up against an undefeated team who have scored many brutal victories in the past.

This story loosely follows the previous Mixed Duos instalments and The New Team.


Cleansing DeFeet – Part 3 (Mixed/FvF)

A 3rd person enters the fray in the finale of this story arc!



Cleansing DeFeet – Part 2

The loser of the first confrontation goes in for revenge… But does it pan out?



Cleansing DeFeet – Part 1

Rhonda is confronted about going barefoot in the beach house all the time… Will she be taught a lesson?



The New Team

Todd is still looking for a Mixed Duos partner (after Domination – pt 1) – that’s where Lisa comes in. Her big muscled legs caught his attention at the gym, so he decides to bring up the topic of wrestling to her…


Gladiator Scissor Practice

Deanna needs to practice her moves, so she gets her new servant to “help”. Her legs get a good workout and his head gets a good pumping. This follows the events of Revenge of the Gladiator.

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


In Your Place

Ever get annoyed at people who don’t park their car properly? See what happens when this sidewalk argument turns into a scuffle.

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Duel for the Desk

In the last Mixed Duos match, one of our analysts got involved – turns out, management wasn’t happy and wants to replace him – with his secretary!



Love and the Rope Top

Two life mates are selected to battle at the rope top. They have a plan – but what happens when it goes wrong?



The Break-In (Mixed/FvF)

Members of last weeks Duos participants suffers a break-in at their home… Has this intruder chosen the wrong house to break into?



Domination – Part 2 (Mixed/FvF)

Jocelyn finally agrees to join the Mixed Duos league – but who will her partner be? And who will she face?



Domination – Part 1

Todd  (whom we’ve seen at “The Gym” before), wants a wrestling partner to team up with. Jocelyn is an obvious choice. The question is, does Jocelyn want him as a partner too?


The Crown and the Collar

New Rope Top combat arena! This culture worships their deities by Rope Top combat – a massive elevated arena, made of ropes and wood. Those who get the crown, get the power – those who get the collar, get drained.


Figure Skating Rivals – Part 2

Revenge! This rivalry has escalated beyond skating! Neither side will stop until the other has been crushed to dust.



Figure Skating Rivals – Part 1

Tanya and Garret are back! But what are they up to? Find out what happens backstage before a competition with a rival team.



The Beach House – Part 2

More drama at the beach house, after one person is caught talking about another behind their back. Dispute about how the last confrontation went down leads to another one.


The Beach House – Part 1

Debut Story of New Art Style (cartoon) – A large group of friends share a beach house together. People come and go as they like, but they don’t always get along…

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Mixed Duos – Enter Sandra (Mixed/FvF)

Sandra isn’t happy about recent events, with her co-worker friends – and she plans to do something about it.



Mixed Duos – On My Throne (Mixed/FvF)

Katie is starting to consider trying out the mixed tag league with her boyfriend… But what will Jane think?



Mixed Duos – Tag Team Wrestling

This is a new type of match in a new venue, with a new format – male versus female only, mixed tag wrestling. A recruiter from this new league convinces Jane (from Office Crush), her boyfriend and the Yoga instructor (from Yoga Revenge) with her man at The Gym, to sign up.


Wimps – Part 3 (Mixed/FvF)

The final part of this showdown! An unexpected alliance occurs in this 2 on 1 wrestling match. Who will be declared too wimpy?

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


Wimps – Part 2 (Mixed/FvF)

The 2nd part of this story begins about 40 minutes after the confrontation that started at the end of part 1. Find out where that confrontation takes us… and where it may lead next…


Wimps – Part 1

Time to find out who the wimps of the gym are! This skinny man has his feelings hurt after his flexing makes Vera laugh out loud. But who will have the last laugh?

(Includes a Bonus Video Animation)


The Agency – POV Story

Special POV / Choose Your Path story – With no memory, you struggle to find an escape to your current predicament. Your choices will determine how this ends. All images are from your point of view!

Note: Do this multiple times to find all endings. Bonus video download to those who find the winning ending.

Also check out our previous POV story first.


Elves, Romance and Rage

Hurr’ia offers an Elven life bond to Kira. When she hesitates, he begins to feel his anger boil, until he finally decides to take advantage of her. What can Kira do once she’s tied up?

(Includes Bonus Video Animation – Remember to scroll down below the gallery for the download link, as usual)


The Friend Zone – Part 5
The Intervention! Do you have a friend or partner who has developed a fear of being scissored? Perhaps they need an intervention. Check out this story to see what happens when a couple ladies put their friend / partner into squeeze treatment.


The Friend Zone – Part 4

Be careful about challenging your girlfriend to work out more… She just might! See how it turns out for this guy…



The Friend Zone – Part 3

It’s finally time to escape the friend zone… With a new date! But what happens when his new date mentions that her friend already told her about the squeeze test?


The Friend Zone – Part 2

This takes place a few months after Part 1. A trip to the beach leads to another squeeze test.



The Friend Zone – Part 1

How do you get out of “the friend zone”? You take the Squeeze Test, of course! Can this guy impress his female friend with his strength and get out of the friend zone?

(Includes Bonus Animation)


Personal Foul

Jerry plays a little one-on-one Basketball against a woman who dared to not leave the court when he told her to. Someone will have to leave the court with a lot more lost than a basketball game…


Mud Wrestling

A group of college students are enjoying a fun mud wrestling match, when a bully wants to join in. Things get a little serious when the bully wants take on the loser in front of everyone.


All Star Scissors – Volume 1

This is a compilation of newly rendered scissor artwork, inspired by previous characters and stories. No story, just scissors.



Splash Back

This takes place after the events in Making a Splash. Apologies turn to anger as this couple gets into a confrontation that could cause the end of their relationship.


The Guardian Angel and the Demon

A citizen is being chased by a demon! But he’s a lucky one – He has a Guardian Angel. His protector battles the demon, who wants feed on his flesh. But perhaps there is a surprise in store?


Xelia the Tease – POV

Special POV / Choose Your Path Story – You are just finishing up a date with the lovely, Xelia. Your choices will determine the outcome of this story. All photos are from your point of view.

Note: Do this multiple times to see if you can find all possible endings.


Vanity – Reality TV – Episode 6

Season Finale – Everything has built up to this – The final episode of Season 1. Find out who wins the huge cash prize!



Vanity – Reality TV – Episode 5

This is the prelude to the Season Finale! Episode 6 is coming soon.



Vanity – Reality TV – Episode 4

This week features another elimination week, with a KO only stipulation. Another alliance is formed – but will it last?



Vanity – Reality TV – Episode 3

Eliminations are coming fast, as there will be only 4 finalists left after this weeks match. The muscular Adrian takes on pretty red-head Jennifer in this one. Also, includes a little more reactions to the fallout of last weeks match.


Vanity – Reality TV – Episode 2

Two rivals on the show get into it in this one. Elimination week has come! One ego will survive and one ego will be reduced to subservience.



Vanity – Reality TV – Episode 1

Season 1, Episode 1: This is a new Reality TV show called ‘Vanity’ – where 3 guys and 3 girls are living together in the same house. All contests will be wrestling based, with special stipulations to them. The first week features a hair versus hair match!


My Mouthy Man

This couple is playing a game of chess at home. Sarah is tired of Doug talking during her turn. Sarah looks for a way to make sure Doug never talks unless she wants him to.


Revenge of the Gladiator – Part 2

Deanna faces a big surprise challenger in this one! But is there an ulterior motive?



Revenge of the Gladiator – Part 1

Deanna is a formerly undefeated Gladiator of the Arena. She’s out for redemption in her latest battle against a newcomer who wants no part of her.


Scissor Size-Up

This 4’9″ woman teaches her 6′ tall opponent a valuable lesson – that when you get caught in a headscissor, your height becomes irrelevant.



The Noovarian Champion

Ando’a is from a species they call “Morphers” – He also happens to be an undefeated Noovarian Champion. This is the story of his most recent battle, narrated by a female foe from his past.

(Motion Story – New Photo / Animation hybrid format)


Office Bet – Win or Resign!

This is the third part of the “Office” series – check out ‘Office Dominance‘ and ‘Office Crush‘ if you haven’t already. Ken pushes Katie into an all-or-nothing bet in this one. If he loses the match, he loses  his job! But if he wins, he gets another round with the leggy Jane.


Obesity Obliteration – Part 2

This time there’s no cheating!



Obesity Obliteration – Part 1

Todd thinks Cassandra is not in good enough shape to be walking around this gym the way she does. Cassandra intends to prove herself in the ring. Has she gotten in over her head?


Fast Food Fight

Jason drops off his girlfriend to work, at the fast food place. His girlfriend’s boss is already upset that she was dropped off late, when she also sees them kissing and hugging before work. Jason doesn’t like how the boss treats his girl and decides to have a “talk” with her…


Divorce Settlement

James and Mary are having a nasty divorce. Mary calls James a “very weak man”. In order to bring the lengthy settlement to a conclusion, James offers a Winner Takes All wrestling match. James wants to reject Mary’s claims and ensure she gets nothing in the divorce. Mary plans to squeeze James for all he’s worth and pump him out of her life, once and for all.


Treasure Raiders

A couple of raiders go looking for treasure in Egypt. But what happens when someone gets greedy and wants to keep a rare find to themselves?



Power Lifters – Part 2

Tensions rise to the breaking point after the outcome of ‘Power Lifters‘. The friend of the winning power lifter and the friend of the tearful loser decide to put their argument to bed by having a match themselves. The loser is quickly humiliated and disposed of.


Power Lifters

Ever seen a power lifter cry? Check out this photo story to see 2 power lifters go at it in the ring, with 1 left crushed out and reduced to tears right in front of their friend.


Office Crush

Jane has a crush on Ken. After ‘Office Dominance‘ it’s only made her more attracted to him. Ken is too caught up to realize it. When Jane finds Ken recording their private wrestling match, she is infuriated. Jane uses her long legs to give Ken a crush he’ll never forget.


Office Dominance

Ken is quick to become jealous when his co-worker, Sandra, gets promoted over him. Ever since the promotion he’s been teasing Sandra more and more. They agree to have a “friendly” wrestling match at an office party. What Ken didn’t realize is that Sandra’s office attire is hiding the body of a former fitness competitor – See the look of shock on his face when the match starts.

(Full animated match in Video)


Home Invasion

An intruder breaks into a single woman’s home late at night. The intruder is able to break into the house but it is not long before he is found sneaking around. Things go very wrong for one individual in this house…

(Includes Bonus Animation)


Late Night Dojo Fight

Two martial arts students sneak into the dojo for a little 1-on-1 action.


  • Full animated fight in Video (recommended)
  • Bonus Photo Story
  • Bonus 360 Virtual Reality version of the match
  • Bonus 360 video preview


Royal Ambitions – Of a Sorcerer

The loser of the first ‘Royal Ambitions’ story has escaped the dungeon and returned… With the help of a great Sorcerer. Perhaps this was not unforeseen – see a great wizards battle ensue!


Royal Ambitions – Of a Sibling

This twin brother and sister never needed a reason to hate each other. But now they had one. Growing up they were always competitive. This was enforced by their father – the King. Now there is a dispute as to who is the rightful heir to the Throne. The twins have agreed to settle the matter in the form of unarmed combat. Who is the dominant sibling and heir to the crown? The loser will be locked up and sent to the dungeon.



A woman is held captive in an unknown location. Can she seize an opportunity to escape?



Street Racers

Kevin is furious after repeatedly losing to Mia in consecutive races. Now he wants to get physical – and not in a good way. He decides to put his own car on the line, against Mia. The street racing crowd watches on as this confrontation escalates.


Dental Errors

Nobody enjoys a visit to the dentist – especially when the dentist keeps making mistakes! See this dentist get squeezed senseless for poking his patients gums one too many times.


Clean-Up Cal – Part 3

TALL versus THICK! Cal thinks his height will give him a huge leverage advantage against the short but muscular Vera. Vera thinks big muscles are all that matters. Whoever is right will prove so in humiliating fashion in front of a crowd at the gym!

(Full match animated in video + Bonus 360 Virtual Reality ringside seats)
(VR headset required for bonus version)


Clean-Up Cal – Part 2

Cal continues his mission to try and clean-up the damaged reputation of the men at the gym.



Clean-Up Cal –  Part 1

This continues from Yoga Battle and Yoga Revenge. Cal thinks the guys have made a mess of the men’s reputation in the gym. He’s here to clean it up!


Ice vs Fire

Frostor is out to save the world when he confronts the evil Lady Scorch. Lady Scorch’s skin is literally boiling with anger as the hated rivals face each other in this hero vs villain battle.


Librarian’s Rules

Everyone knows you’re supposed to be quiet in the library – And it’s the librarian’s job to ensure that happens. But what happens when a noisy construction worker isn’t following those rules?


The Business of Pit Fighting

Two corporate executives are watching a pit fight, when one employs a plot to eliminate his competition for power in the company, by throwing her into the pit. Can this business woman possibly survive a fight in the pit? Watch this story to find out how it all goes down!


Vampire Attack

A couple are out for an evening stroll when a vampire attacks them from behind, with nobody around to save them. Find out what happens next in this horrifying tale.


Yoga Revenge

In a follow up to the “Yoga Battle” story, a couple of the guys are back to confront the trainer of the yoga class. Two on one isn’t fair!


Yoga Battle

A group of ladies are attending a yoga class at a gym. This gym is split in half – shared in an open concept between the yoga studio and the ring / weights area. The guys chatting in the ring decide to head over to the yoga side to cause a little trouble. A 3 vs 4 confrontation is started between the team of yoga ladies and the gym guys. Find out which guys run into trouble!


Future Fight

A chase turns into a battle for survival in this futuristic sci-fi confrontation.

(Full fight animated in video + Bonus Photo Story)

Maid Service

Jeff is enjoying his vacation with his wife, when he his shocked to find her kissing the maid in their hotel room. Jeff decides to confront the heavy-set maid and teach her a lesson in front of his wife.


Snatching the Purse Snatcher

An attempt to steal a purse from a woman tanning on the beach turns into a wrestling match for the purse. This foolish thief ends up squeezed out and humiliated for his misdeeds.


Figure Skaters Collision

Tanya and Garett are figure skating partners. After one performance goes wrong, he plays the blame game backstage. Tune in to see how they settle things and whether it improves their return performance.


Play Fighting

This guy may regret having what was supposed to be a fun tussle on the bed with his asian girlfriend. Thing start out fun but quickly turns into a headscissor pump-a-thon, leaving all of the fun for his girlfriend.

(Photo Story + Short bonus video clip)



Mary is gardening when her husband decides to walk through the garden that she’s working on. A wrestling match ensues right in their front yard, when her husband takes his trolling too far.


Escape Room

In the near future, 2 assassins are held captive in a mysterious black room. Watch them use their knowledge of martial arts and grappling to battle for freedom. One loser is left KO’d, and one winner gets to see the outside world again.



Nicky Makrush is out for a walk when a skateboarder bumps into her and knocks her down. Instead of helping her up and apologizing the skateboarder decides to flip her the bird and skate off – huge mistake! Check out this photo story to see what happens.


Bodybuilder Battle

A bodybuilding couple’s relationship is in jeopardy when Ron thinks he sees Jocelyn cheating on him. Instead of getting the truth, he decides to take matters into his own hands and charges in like a bull in a china shop. Find out which bodybuilder is the bull and which is the china shop!

(Photo Story + Short bonus video clip)


Gladiator Arena

Two undefeated gladiators battle it out in the arena! Will one fighter learn the ultimate lesson of overconfidence and face the wheel of humiliation?

(Photo Story + Short bonus video clip)


Couples Scuffle

What happens when a submissive wife decides to try and turn the tables on her husband? Watch this couple wrestle in a test of wills and dominance!



Maria’s date thinks it’s funny when she gets hit in the head with a beach ball. Maria doesn’t think it’s funny. Maria squeezes her date’s head like a beach ball, giving him a lesson he’ll never forget.


Special Delivery

When a jock at the gym decides to tease the delivery girl, the other guys working out decide to watch. Does he send the delivery girl packing, or will the jock take it too far in front of everyone?


Car Crush

Things get heated when a long-legged supermodel rear-ends an angry man in his car. Cars aren’t the only thing crushed by the end of this dispute – will it be the angry man, or the woman who he feels is at fault?


Making a Splash – FREE

A 3-way confrontation escalates after a woman in the swimming pool splashes a couple as they pass by. Watch this wrestling match in the water!

Members – Click Here for Virtual Sessions (BETA)- 360 Virtual Reality experience with being in a hold by one of our characters (VR set required).

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