Site Challenge #1 – Prologue 1

Got a new assignment for you…

Every since we’ve opened the Hall of Fame and the Hall of Shame, Scissored.Net has been getting more attention.

People are checking out the Halls, and more people are reading the stories on the site. As a result, we’re getting more guys and girls trying to get in touch with the girls in the stories, through us.

Now, in the past we’ve been turning them away — we figured a lot of the ladies on Scissored.Net wouldn’t be so apt to share their personal stories if they knew it would cause strangers start stalking them.

But then we had a really interesting email…

A woman reached out offering big bucks to wrestle a particular one of our top girls. This woman must be pretty wealthy, because she offered up a number we couldn’t just turn down. So, that got us thinking…

Why not allow a select few challengers to top women from Scissored.Net that are willing to accept? They pay a fee, they sign a contract allowing 1 match to be posted and everyone’s happy.

Here’s the catch:

If the challenger LOSES — they’re DONE.

We don’t need our women having stalkers all upset that they got their ass kicked (which, let’s face it.. is gonna be most of the time because our women are gonna be better than your average girl or guy). So if they lose, they don’t get to wrestle here again.

Here’s the other catch:

If the challenger WINS — they’re allowed in the circle of friends of whoever they beat.

I mean, hey, they’re gonna want some kind of reward, right? If the person from the site they’re facing is okay with giving out contact info for their friends (or enemies) if they lose, then that’s a small price to pay for us if the challenger beats one of our girls.

And who knows.. maybe they’ll become another person to share wrestling stories for us to post on Scissored.Net. After all, you can never have too many beautiful women sharing wrestling stories!

We’ve already done background checks on this next gal. We’ll need you to interview her as well. We’ve got a timeslots at a gym booked out for the interviews and match. Meet her there, take pictures and let us know how it goes.

Oh, and thanks for your help with the Hall of Fame and the Hall of Shame! Helluva replacement you found, huh!