Fame vs Shame – Prologue


This is a free prologue, but it contains SPOILERS for several previous members updates. If you are not up to date, it is advised to check out the past updates first.

It’s time for another Hall of Shame Scissor Duel!

However, if there is a Hall of Shame, there should also be a Hall of Fame! This event will welcome the first ever Hall of Fame inductee, as well as the second ever Hall of Shame inductee.

In the the Prologue for this event, you will be playing the role of your real life self – a Scissored.Net Member. As a member of the site, you exist outside of any storylines and the characters you meet will not know who you are.

Why do we need you? Well, we’re going to be having a 4-person tournament (FvF) to determine who will join the new Hall of Fame and the Hall of Shame. We thought it might be more fun for you to review the nominations yourself.

This brings us to Yvonne — she has not replied to any of our emails or requests to accept a nomination for a Hall of Fame Scissor Duel. With her recent dominant performances she is an obvious choice and we’re hoping you can help us talk to her. Yvonne recently accepted a phone call from us where we’ve arranged for you to meet her at a place on King Street.

Please talk to Yvonne! If you can’t convince her, it would be great if you can at least establish some kind of rapport with her so that she remains open to future events we may hold. If it doesn’t work out, not to worry: We have a few other great nominations that we’d like you to review afterwards.