Hall of Shame – Prologue 1

A young gentleman named Sam was elated to find out that he won a raffle. After all, he’d never won anything before. It was unusual.

That wasn’t the only unusual thing; Both the prize and the manner in which he won were quite unusual.

The first part was normal enough. He’d went to a popular night club one evening with his friends. That’s where things get unusual. There was an amateur tag team wrestling tournament that evening. He and his friends couldn’t resist checking it out, even if just for the sake of curiosity.

That’s where he had picked up a ticket for a draw, during the tournament.

The winner of the draw would get to choose a woman of his choice from the tournament to apply a hold of her choice. If she couldn’t make him submit, he’d win a little bonus money.

But it wasn’t the bonus money that excited him… It was the women.

2 of them in particular he’d become obsessed with since seeing them battle each other. Of all of the matches that night, those 2 teams had the most ferocity and hatred towards each other. It was personal and everyone knew it.

Today he’d get to meet one. Not just that, but he would get squeezed by one! Making it even more special, it was an after-hours private event just for him.

Yet, there’s something this lady wrestler doesn’t know. Someone else who’s there to see her — An interviewer, who waits for Sam to finish with her so he can tell her about something that SHE has won too…

Like Sam, she may also wind up finding that her prize is not as desirable as one might expect.


Note: There is a SPOILER warning about half way through this prologue. This is intended to be viewed by members who are all caught up on Mara’s storyline to the point of the Tournament Event