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New Free Prologue

Today’s update is a free prologue that introduces a new concept to the site. It continues on from the idea where you were helping the site to find and interview candidates for the Hall of Fame.

The concept is that new potential female character additions to the site can challenge a veteran Scissored.Net character — if they lose they’re gone. Their 1st match could be their last match. 

But if they win, they get to stick around.. and possibly torment the veteran character (or someone else?) for the long term.

The 1st Prologue in Stories introduces Missy. Find out who she’s challenging from the roster and whether you think it’s a wise choice.


  • raziell

    Well to tell the truth, Missy is kind of right, Shay is kinda snakey with her friends. So I think i will root for the new girl in this. Also this interviews are interesting concept, interviewing the winners could be cool too, maybe even in the moment of their triumph ( while sitting on beaten foe face ) etc. this would be pretty spicey I think.

  • admin

    Good ideas. Will try to incorporate that if time permits. This could be the most important match Shay’s ever had! Important too for Missy, because she doesn’t get to wrestle again if she loses.

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