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More Mixed/FvF College Adventures

A new series of College Journals chapters have been added, titled ‘The Wallflower‘ under Stories. Note that Chapter 10 is free! (may contain spoilers from previous chapters)

This update features a little mixed wrestling in a different setting, as well as an FvF match. Thanks to compwrestlefan for helping on this with writing. See below for a more detailed spoiler-ish breakdown…




Here is a breakdown:

Chapter 10: Maika talks to Kim about how it felt wrestling Samar. Also has fallout from the big match in Chapter 8 featuring Sahana and a cliffhanger hint towards future updates (Sahana is not the focus of Chapter 10-12)

Chapter 11: Maika goes to a club event at The Ascension with Samar to see a mixed wrestling match which features a brand new potential star wrestler for the club.

Chapter 12: Maika confronts Kira about her friend, which leads to a female vs female wrestling match

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