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MIXED Story Builder Update!

A new mixed match-up has been added to the Story Builder in Stories: Kira vs Timothy. The available moves are the same as Jason vs Mara (ie: all kinds of scissor variations, headlocks, pins, lifts, etc) but takes place in Kira’s dorm room.

Build your own story using these hundreds of images, or just click through the holds you want to see. If you’re new to Story Builder, this is a feature that allows you to add text to images and build a story flow that you can save to a file and watch back or share with others. 

If you’re having difficulty, there are several articles with more details on how Story Builder works:

Story Builder Tools & Tips:

Story Builder Tool & Tips

How to View Other Members Shared Stories:

Shared Stories

If you’re interested in this feature being advanced further, please share your feedback.

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