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Story Builder Tool & Tips

In Stories you’ll find a new utility called the Story Builder. This allows you to choose from a wide variety of pre-existing Tournament images to format your own custom story.

The way it works is you preview an image, then enter any text you want and it will be “Added” to your story in the order you add them.

There is a “Save to Disk” option on the side panel that lets you keep your story and share it with us! There is also a section where you can view other users created stories. For now, there are only a couple basic test stories, just to give you a feel for how this can work.

Important Note: Whether the Story Builder gets an upgrade later depends on how much people decide to use it to share their stories. If there isn’t much quality content coming out of the tool and being shared, then there may not be more work done with Story Builder in the future (ie: new artwork, or characters, or settings, match-ups, etc). As a result, it’s intentionally basic for now since there’s no certainty on whether many will use it or not.


  • You cannot Edit/Delete/Re-Order images you already added, so check carefully before clicking Add and use Save to keep backups
  • familiarize yourself with the images available
    • this will help give you ideas of what moves may connect better together in your match
  • be creative!
    • the list of moves are in order of how they were intended to be used in the tournament, originally… but you may come up with all new ways of ordering them
    • Example: Instead of Headlock #4 transitioning into Headlock #5, maybe you transition it into Pin #1 instead? Or maybe you decide pins won’t count in your match at all?
  • if you made a mistake with your story you can use “Restart” to clear everything, or Load a previous Save you made
  • looking for a move that isn’t listed? No problem: Use the Dialogue text boxes to fill out explanations of what’s happening between images
    • ie: Kara twists out of Theresa’s bodyscissor and locks her into a headlock on the mat!
    • You can also use one of the 2 “Push” images to explain a hold break or transition
  • try to make your story as different and unexpected as you can
  • Have fun! You may find you enjoy seeing your own story unfold as you build it to your own liking
  • Share your creations with us!


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