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The New You – POV Story

“The New You” has been posted to the Stories section. This is a POV-centric update where you can play a male or female character in the first person view. This experience is similar to the first date with Mara. A more detailed description follows, for those that want to know more before-hand and aren’t worried about minor spoilers…


This update continues from the previous 2 free prologues and features the following POV elements:

  • another short session with Kim
  • a couple meetings/dates with April
  • and if your date goes well… a private scissor session with April
  • in private, April will let you apply a couple scissor holds on her if you choose to play as a Female character
  • if you choose to play as a Male character, April will try to customize the private bedroom date to your preference by asking you questions ahead of time to figure out what you like

For those that prefer Female vs Female wrestling without the POV view, that is intended to be coming up in the next update (TBD).

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  • licor43

    Great story. The best thing for me was just the amount of variety in terms of choices. The nice little interlude at the begin was fun. The decision making in the main story was great then, I liked the ability to customise the dialogue and response to preference. Would love to see that incorporated in to more stories. I really enjoyed the female POV role too.

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