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Update Preview Note

The next update is planned to be a Mixed addition to the Story Builder, featuring Kira and Timothy. This is a chance for you to put together a longer match between the two with your own story. For those that aren’t into making their own stories, you can still use the Story Builder to click through images of different holds between the characters. This update was planned to be posted very soon, but is taking a little longer than expected (appreciate everyone’s patience).

For anyone who hasn’t seen it already the Question & Answer interview session with the Winner(s) of the Fame vs Shame event is up in Stories. As noted in the description it features no wrestling and allows you to ask all kinds of questions to the winner. If you sent a question that wasn’t included, please note that it was not received.

If you particularly enjoy post-match interviews, please let us know so that it can be kept in mind as a possibility for future updates. 

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