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8 Free College Previews

Check out Stories for 8 new free Prologues that have been added for the new ‘College Journals‘ series. This series was also previewed in this last post.

The College Journals are an attempt at a more realistic, deeper, story based presentation. For more details, please see the previous post on this or go check it out and judge for yourself. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of characters, there’s a link to a special ‘profiles’ page at the end that can help break everyone down for you. As the story progresses, feel free to vote on who you’re liking (there’s a poll at the bottom of the profiles page).

Also a reminder to vote on how you prefer the updates to be presented (ie: label things so it’s clear when there isn’t any wrestling or label everything ‘chapters’ so it’s a surprise when wrestling happens):

Do you prefer to know ahead of time if a story will feature wrestling?

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