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POV vs Lyla & College Storyline Preview

If you’ve ever played through a POV match on the site and wondered what it would be like if Lyla was your opponent instead, then the new update in Stories is for you.

This continues the current storyline from where we left off at with Lyla vs Mara.

The POV match system in this update is based on the tag tournament system, but more in the style of the halloween party matches, since it is a 1-on-1 match. This update is not the size or scale of the tag team tournament, so please set your expectations accordingly (ie: less endings and similar in-match holds, for example).

POV fans also get a new 4K download with ‘The Dating Game (Part 1)’ added to the single match Downloads section.

The next update will be very story heavy and feature a new “college” theme with new characters and settings.

The college updates will be a bit of an experiment, in that there will be lots of interactions and stories that don’t feature any wrestling and may not even relate to wrestling.

The goal is to build a bigger world with more realistic characters. In order for the characters to feel more real, they will need to have more things going on in their lives than just “now I need to wrestle this person”. Hopefully, by having a more complex web of sub-stories and interactions, it can lead to more interesting conflicts and match-ups.

There are 2 methods of presentation being considered for this:

  1. Non-wrestling chapters of the story labeled as “Prologues” (no surprises)
  2. Non-wrestling and wrestling chapters labeled as “Chapters” (surprises when wrestling/fighting happens)

Note that the question is not about knowing what you’re purchasing, as most non-wrestling updates will be free anyways. It’s more about the experience you want and whether you are okay to read many chapters without wrestling and then be surprised when it happens, versus be able to clearly see which chapters will have a fight.

Cast your vote here: 

Do you prefer to know ahead of time if a story will feature wrestling?

Keep an eye out for some free college stories coming very soon!!!

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  • licor43

    Good to see the return of the POV updates. Really enjoyed it. I also really like the idea of suprise wrestling and making the story line more in depth. Making the wrestling spontaneous and not knowing when it could occur is exciting. Plus more in depth charaters/story lines makes any wrestling have greater meaning behind it.

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