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Note on Polls and Next Updates

There have been 2 polls made available in the last few weeks. Voting on both polls was very evenly spread out. The 2 polls were:

  1. Prologue labeling vs leaving it a surprise when a chapter is story-based or wrestling-focused — The likely compromise on this will be to have College updates labeled “Chapters”, but also have a space (possibly here in What’s New posts) that allows you to see optional detail about what is in the update.
  2. Favorite College Characters — with many characters being popular, it will take a while to get to everyone. So, please be as patient as you can. Hopefully this makes it more special when someone actually does wrestle (more similar to how it would feel in reality).

There are more college chapters in progress. The plan is to release multiple chapters in batches. Likely the first one or two chapters in the next batch will be free. Since we’re trying a deeper, more story driven style, it will take longer to develop and to get to the point where there could be wrestling occurring the way it does in other stories.

It’s too early to tell right now, but if you end up liking (or not liking) the style, please sound off — it may not prove worth the extra effort and could divert back into more wrestling, less story. As noted previously, the college storyline is currently a bit of an experiment.

Lastly, there will be more 4K Downloads in the future. The Dating Game Part 2 is planned to be next. So far the FvF matches seem to be more popular there, so thank you to everyone who supported. If you have a request for something you want in 4K, feel free to email admin@scissored.net.


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