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Prologue Part 2

Part 2 of The Event Prologue has been posted in Stories

As per the description, Prologues are super-small updates that lay out a little background for an upcoming major update. This can help you get some backstory on characters and things going on that will lead up to future events. 

The following has minor spoilers for this and the next Prologue, so continue reading at your own risk…

The Prologue posted today reveals what the next major site update will be, at a high level. To avoid any false assumptions, it should be noted that the next prologue update will likely take place from your characters perspective. The reason for mentioning this is because the planned tag team tournament will be more heavy on POV and unplanned interaction, than it will be on pure story.

There will be more info to come, but in the interim please try to withhold too many expectations until you (eventually) see the final product. When it comes, it will be the largest single update in the history of the site.

Details will be featured as we get closer to The Event so check back here for more later.

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