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Prologue 3 – POV

The 3rd Prologue for The Event has been posted to Stories. This one takes place from your characters POV.

As previously stated, prologues will usually contain no wrestling and will be smaller than normal, but most often free.

Minor spoilers below for today’s Prologue

This prologue should help begin to give a better picture of what the upcoming big members event will be. It is recommended to read that story first, before this post.

More details will continue to be shared, but here are a few extra tidbits in the meantime:

  • the Tournament itself will be 1 single update (each of the 3 Rounds will be all inclusive and not separate updates)
  • main goal of the update is to offer something that has more replay value than the usual stories 
    • replay value comes from the experience being more dynamic rather than linear (outcomes depend on the combinations of your choices, your partners choices and the opponents choices)
  • will be similar to other wrestling mini-games like Halloween Party – Part 2
  • will be a POV experience, but the biggest addition is being able to have a partner and view her side of the match
  • your interactions will focus on the mixed wrestling and POV aspect, while choosing to check on your partner will show FvF wrestling action from the 3rd person perspective
  • if you’re not interested in looking at your partner, you will not be forced to (it will be a clickable option)
  • if you’re not as interested in mixed or POV content, you can look at your partner more often instead

Stay tuned for more…


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