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Preview Image – Bullies

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The next update will be Part 5 of the Bullies story and it will be the final part of that particular storyline.

Erika hasn’t been seen at the gym for quite some time, and rumors are swirling of what happened between her and Lindsay. However, that hasn’t driven her stubborn friend Monique away. In fact, Monique wants Erika back at the gym… and she’s not the only one.

For every person that wants Erika back, there is someone who can’t stand Monique. Lindsay’s competitive attitude often makes her hard to get along with, but Monique’s attitude is enough to turn many against her and her friend as well.

Regardless, it’s clear that these women will never coexist peacefully.

It will soon be time to find out where the power lies. No more rumors. One side will be wrestled down and dominated in front of everyone and that’ll be the end of it.

As the women face off to begin, a crowd makes their way over to watch.


The battle lines have been drawn. 

Whose side are you on?

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