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Bullies Conclusion

The Bullies storyline concludes with a massive 2-on-2 female wrestling match, featuring Lindsay and Kya teaming up and looking to eliminate Monique and Erika, once and for all. 

If you liked the little taste of the doubles action in the Rehab storyline, you may enjoy this one — the only two women that will be left this time are the ones from the winning team. If you missed the preview, you can check it out here.

If you particularly liked the format of this match, please sound off in the comments (or via email), as this number of characters involved in a match is not likely to be a common occurrence due to the time and effort involved.

Check out Bullies – Part 5 in Stories now!

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  • raziell

    Incredible, one of youre best works. Double fights always are the most intense and unpredictable. This fight had everything great moves, winner dominance and utter breaking of losers ego. Great work

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