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New Prologue, New Contest

A new Prologue has been added to Stories for the upcoming Fame vs Shame event.

As usual, the prologue is free and contains no wrestling. In this prologue you get to meet one of the characters (as yourself, rather than the ‘you’ character) and talk to them about the event. This is intended to be a fun little way to reveal the next upcoming update.

Fame vs Shame will feature 4 of the more heavily featured women from the site in a mini-tournament. 2 of them will be nominated for the Hall of Shame and 2 will be nominated for a new Hall of Fame. The contest will be in Double Scissor Duel format, similar to the last Hall of Shame match. If 1 of the Shame nominees were to lose both rounds, then they will be retired and banished from Scissored.Net updates.

Since there are multiple Scissor Duels, there will be multiple updates for this event. The first one will be added sometime in the next few days.

One of the Fame nominees has agreed to meet with you about this, so don’t keep them waiting! Check out the Fame vs Shame Prologue now!

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