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Hall Details & Free Mixed Prologue

Today’s update is a free prologue that features a little male vs female scissoring, with a prelude (in the form of an interview) to a new feature called the Hall of Shame. Check it out in Stories or here: Hall of Shame – Prologue 1.

Note that there is a spoiler warning on this prologue for anyone who isn’t all caught up on the original main storyline.

What is the Hall of Shame?

It will be a new section of the site that will feature retired wrestlers from past stories who have had the most embarrassing history of losses. The loser of the next story update will be entered as the first ever inductee. There will be more information to come about the Hall of Shame itself.

For now the focus is on the Hall of Shame story update (FvF). It will feature:

  • the top 2 voted wrestlers in the “embarrassing losses” poll
  • a simple double-scissor contest to find out who truly deserves to go into the Hall of Shame
  • whoever admits defeat in the double-scissor will appear in the Hall of Shame gallery section forever
  • the loser will also be retired from the website and banned from showing up in future stories
  • the loser will be immortalized with a custom hand drawn image for the Hall of Shame that depicts one of their lowest moments from the match
  • the match itself will be done in the usual digital 3D art style of standard length you’d expect

The Hall of Shame contest will be a major milestone — not because it’s a lengthy update (it won’t be bigger than a normal update as it’s a scissor duel), but because of the sheer magnitude of 1 major character being humiliated, forced to retire and have their legacy defined as Hall of Shame worthy.

The poll mentioned in the last post was the lead in to creating a Hall of Shame section of Scissored.Net. If “Other” had won, the plan was to do another poll with more options. There could have been many ways the poll could go, but what actually happened is 2 people tied in votes.

The other irony of the tiebreaker is the same 2 ladies were featured in a previous poll as well, which was taken into account. 

Wanna know who the 2 Hall of Shame nominees are? Go check out the first prologue now and keep an eye out for the next one!

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