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Bodybuilder Tourney Info & Forecast

“The King of King Street” free prologue #1 has been posted to Stories. To set expectations, here is what this is intending to build towards:

  • a 1 on 1 mixed and FvF combo tournament
  • tournament features 16 male and female bodybuilder participants
  • 3rd person action only (this will not be a POV update)
  • some matches will be shown in full and some as results/highlights only

There will be two 1st Round sets of brackets. The left side will feature only female bodybuilders. The right side will start with only male bodybuilders matching up against female bodybuilders. After the 1st Round, it’s a free-for-all of genders based on each of the bracket winners (ie: can end up any gender vs any gender). 

The current plan is for the first update to feature the mixed side of Round 1 in its entirety (all R1 matches/highlights). This should give traditional mixed wrestling fans something to look forward to.

Then the idea is for the 2nd update to be the 1st Round of the female bodybuilders side. The winners of the mixed and FvF sides will face each other in the final . Due to the large number of participants, some of the matches in this tournament will only be shown as highlights depicting the winner. If every match was a full match it would take an extremely long time to get through the tournament.

There is a 2nd prologue planned that will give a visual representation of the tournament layout and announcement of participants. As usual, please keep in mind that future plans can always change.

If any of this is unclear, it may be easier to wait for the tournament graphic that will come out very soon with the next prologue.

Future forecast…

For those wanting to see more of the winner of the Scissor Duel, or wanting to see more of the winner of The Last Session, you can rest assured that there are plans to return to those characters. There are also lots of new characters waiting to be featured in new stories. Stay tuned for more on this in the future.

Story Builder Note: If you’ve ever had difficulty figuring out how to load a member shared story, there has been a walkthrough guide posted (click here to go directly to it).

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