How To View User Created Stories from Story Builder

Story Builder Help

How to View User Created Stories

Step 1: Click on View User Stories (in Story Builder)

Step 2: Right-Click and “Save link as..” (ie: Chrome, or other browser) on the User Story you want to see

Step 3: Save the file to your hard drive somewhere (ie: Desktop or elsewhere)

Step 4: Go into the Story Builder (area where you would normally create a story)

Step 5: Go into the Story Builder (Build My Story)

Step 6: Click on “SAVES” to open the option to load your .save file

Step 7: Click “Load from Disk” to find the story saved on your hard drive


Step 8: Locate the file that you saved in Step 3 (ie: on your Desktop or elsewhere)

Step 9: From this point, the screen may differ depending on where the Creator last saved. In any case, you would select the option to Continue / View Story and just proceed through the story


Step 10: Proceed through viewing the story…

Step 11: Continue through the story…