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Accepting Customs Until July 26th

Custom Images are not normally accepted — but for a 5 day window any current or former members will be allowed to submit a custom order for a special story.

For anyone who wanted to see more of a specific tournament character (or someone else), this is your chance to make a request to have a match tailored to your liking. Pricing is at the bottom.


Email admin@scissored.net before July 26th, 2021. Orders will not be accepted any time after that date. You can use the following template to order:

Character #1: (your choice)

Character #2 (your choice)

Winner Preference: (optional)

Featured Holds: (optional)

Setting: (optional)

Special Requests for the Match: (optional)

If there is something you really want to be included, please mention it. If you are fine with leaving it as a more blank open ended request, then that’s great too.


Must be a current or former site member to place an order.

  1. No nudity or sexual acts
  2. We may post your custom order in the future for other members to see
  3. Character(s) in the Hall of Shame are not eligible to be chosen as a character in your match
  4. If you do specify a setting, please try to choose one from an existing story
  5. Requests that go outside the rules may be declined or have an extra fee
  6. Unless otherwise requested, the images will focus on the match and not include a backstory or build up interaction
  7. Orders are guaranteed to have no less than the quantity of images listed in the pricing below. 
  8. Payment will be via PayPal
  9. No guarantee on timing or date of delivery (general timing can be discussed within reason of course)

SMALL – 5 Images – $50

MEDIUM – 15 Images – $150

LARGE – 50 Images – $300

Large orders may end up having more images at no additional cost, depending on how the particular match goes.

If anything isn’t listed here or you have questions, feel free to reach out at admin@scissored.net

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