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1 More Queens-vs-Queens Match

The top two female bodybuilders from the Queens versus Queens bracket face off in Stories. The winner will go on the Tournament Championship match, where they face off against the winner of the Kings versus Queens bracket.

Who will make it to the Tournament Championship match? 16 bodybuilders gets narrowed down to just 2!


    • admin

      It’s not shown, but your comment is exactly what the loser is yelling in the last image when the winner lifts up her ass for a moment.

      “Teeerrrrible eeenddiiingggg!!”

      Poor girl.

      Jokes aside, I sincerely appreciate that you took the time to check out the update, even though it didn’t end up being your thing. I often feel disappointed by my own updates, which sucks even more given the massive amount of hours that goes into making them.

      There are 16 participants in the tournament and there will be 15 losers. There was no way for me to choose 1 winner that would have made everyone happy.

      To everyone who had their favs eliminated, I feel your pain.

      It sucks to create a character from scratch, only just to have them eliminated quickly. That’s the nature of a tournament though. If the majority are favoring individual characters winning rather than the experience itself, then perhaps scripted tournaments aren’t worth doing at all.

      I also agree that the matches have been hit or miss. With a higher # of matches, that comes with the territory. I’ve also intentionally been taking risks and trying different things to figure out what works better for future updates and keep things fresh.

      The loser of this match was an attempt at trying a certain character personality that simply didn’t work for me. Had she won, then the championship match would have been as boring as all of her previous matches were (imho).

      She had 3 chances to inspire a good match and I was never feeling it. While I didn’t have a problem with the winner, I’ll take all the blame for making the losers personality too bland. Experiment failed, lesson learned.

      That being said, it’s hard to learn and derive much to help you from such a terse comment like “terrible ending, hit or miss”. I’m reading a lot into that, but for all I know, you may have meant that the ending was terrible because the winner didn’t facesit the loser even more.

      Insulting non-descriptive feedback is unlikely to inspire new content and more likely to inspire a halt/break in updates.

      I’m currently working on a little magazine style interview prologue/interlude featuring the championship match up, that will be for members only. It will reference some special new rules.

      I hope that you and everyone else will enjoy the championship match more. If not, then at least it’s the last one 🙂

      (Apologies for the length of this!)

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