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2x Mega Mismatch Update!

Double Update! 2 new stories have been added, both female wrestling stories with theme of ‘mismatches’ where one opponent is larger than the other. 

Mismatch Part 1 features newcomer Marie, taking on rival Amelia, as they look to settle long time professional dispute.

Mismatch Part 2 follows up from part 1, where sisters Christina and Zoe take sides in Marie’s conflict, which leads to a conflict of their own. Christina aims to prove that she might be the younger sister, but she’s not the little sister anymore. Zoe looks to take her leggy sister down a notch.

Thanks to compwrestlefan for assisting with the writing on these stories.

Apologies in advance to those who have been waiting for a mixed update. No timetable for a return to mixed action yet.

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