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Zoe Wins the Vote

Zoe earns the victory over Christina, as voted on by you! Thank you for making this one of the more active polls. Feel free to share any strong opinions (constructive) you may have had about this story format.

Check out Stories to view Part 2 of The Hot Sister.

Normally the result wouldn’t be posted so openly, but the story begins with the vote result and we already knew there would be punishment, so it’s not much of a spoiler.

If you voted for Christina, don’t feel bad, because you weren’t alone (I did too lol). There is a little short POV side thing for anyone who can’t bring themselves to admit to Zoe’s victory and prefer Christina. There’s still general acknowledgement of Zoe being the standard of beauty here, apparently.

For completionists, there are 2 main endings and each of them have a little variation in how they can end.. So watch what you say to the girls 😉

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  • gingerslayer

    Super glad I voted for Zoe! She dominated just how I expected her to. Would have preferred it to be lengthier but I’m happy with it.

    Please more of Zoe dominating in the future

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