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What’s in progress?

Here are a few notes on things that are in progress for future updates, for those that don’t mind looking ahead…

Please note everything here is subject to change and these are unfinished works in progress. If you see something you like, feel free to give feedback.

  • testing new set pieces – example:

  • Elina will be seen again in a future update (date TBD)… but she won’t be wearing jeans this time 😉
  • creating new female bodybuilder characters – examples:

  • more ‘choose your path’ style updates are planned – one is planned to be called “The Dating Game” with multiple chapters being laid out.. who will Theresa set you up with?

As a side note, if you’d like to see more virtual reality content, please comment or send an email to admin@scissored.net. The current VR content is in the form of 360 VR videos, but more advanced technology could be added, if there is sufficient interest. For example, would you be interested in being able to meet life size characters in VR? Mara is 5’6″ tall — would you be looking down into her eyes, or up? What if you could sit on the mat while you watch her wrestle someone?  Press a button to flip through each hold in the match, and walk around the set to see them from any angle you like? If this sounds interesting, tell if you think it’s worth investing in!

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