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Virtual Reality Update

We’ve added a new section called ‘Virtual Sessions‘, which is located at the top of the ‘Stories‘ section. This section will contain 360 VR videos that put you in the hold of one of our characters. It’s fairly basic right now, but can be expanded upon, if there is enough demand. It’s hard to know how many people even have Virtual Reality devices at this point.

What this does is give you a sense of how big the character is and give you an intense close up of the move that you’re in. With a regular video, you don’t get a feeling of proportions and size the way you do in VR, and being surrounded or inside the video. We haven’t seen this being done on any other mixed wrestling site before, so it will be interesting to see how it goes.

The instructions for all VR content are the same:

  1. Right-Click and Save As to download the VR video
  2. Turn on your VR headset and run the application to view videos
  3. You may need to search online a bit for free video players, depending on your device (we use HTC Vive and Vive Cinema)
  4. Play back the video as many times as you like 🙂


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