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Tourney TIPs

Quick message to start with — Keep Trying! Before sharing the tips, it should be known that there is a massive amount of things that can happen before/during/after a match (the entire update is 8,005 images). So, keep trying and be careful about feeling like you’ve seen it all (even I haven’t experienced all of the submission moves my partner can do or tap out to and I’ve played over 30 hours).

For anyone struggling with winning the tournament, here are some tips:

  • try using “Reverse” often, instead of Resist Pin or Resist Submission when she has you down
    • I use Resist when I’m weakened and need to be more defensive (ie: guard against a KO submission with 0 Energy), but “Reverse” seemed to work better for me in general
  • use Taunt to keep your health up
    • I think it works better when you have your opponent down, or when you’re on your knees, since she has less choices for offensive moves while you trash talk her
    • I do not use Taunt often while standing (but you can try it anyways and see if it works for you)
  • be very strategic about using “FORCE” options
    • for example, it’s a significant risk to use it early in a hold, but let’s say you’ve got your opponent pinned and the count is at “7”, why not finish her off with a “FORCE” pin?
    • “FORCE” is probably more likely to be available earlier in the match, unless you’re amazing at managing your Energy
  • for takedowns, I find the Leg Sweep most successful
    • there is a chance your opponent will jump on you and bodyscissor you instead
      • I’ve been insta-KO’d like this a couple times, but I find my partner is pretty good at bailing me out (you just have to give her a few seconds and message will appear, and she’ll save you)
  • go for the hail mary and try the Double Team!
    • this can turn out to be a quick win or quick loss, as it puts all the pressure on your partner to do your dirty work 😛
    • your success on this (or your partners, rather), will be influenced by scissor strength — ie: out-scissoring Mel is tough, but out-scissoring an older or smaller opponent should be easier, in most cases
    • as with a real match, anything can happen, so it’s not all about stats or energy
  • Cheat!
    • yep, I said it… if you’re really getting frustrated, just use the “Save” and “Back” buttons in the UI (it’s opened by the arrow at the top left that’s hidden by default)
    • regret making a certain move? use the system back button (not browser back.. unless you want to choose a different partner) and make a different choice

Once you make it through 1 Tournament Championship, you’ll unlock “Champions Advantage” — this will allow you to make things easier for yourself going forward, if you don’t enjoy losing.

Play style tips… This is all going to be your own personal preference but I thought I’d share how I personally like to play (sometimes). This isn’t an advantage/disadvantage thing, but rather just another way of looking at the gameplay, in case people aren’t already doing it.

  • if I’m more in the mood to just watch my partner, I usually like to:
    • start with Leg Sweep takedown
    • put a hold on (ie: Dragon Sleeper, Scissor, whatever)
    • then use Guard against Reversal
    • then “Look at Partner” every time it’s available
  • I find using the Guard against Reversal option helps in that:
    • you’re keeping control of your opponent so you can look away more 
    • you’re giving your partner more of a chance to win the match, since you’re not trying to make your opponent tap out
    • you’re reducing the chance of her reversing your hold on you
    • you’re draining your opponents energy and giving yourself the advantage
      • this leads to keeping control of the match (hopefully ;))
  • if you don’t like the way things are going for your partner (ie: not a fan of the hold she’s putting on or is in, or don’t like that she’s losing or winning), then go back to focusing on Submitting, (or even letting your opponent up)
    • as your half of the match changes and resets, your partners action may change as well
  • if you really like harsh punishments after a match, then trash talk your opponents a lot (especially before the match)
    • obviously, pissing your opponents off will affect how they treat you after the match (and you may have noticed there are lots of ways they can make you pay the price for being mouthy, after the match)
    • most punishments have more than 1 way of going, so if you’re seeing the same punishment again, experiment with different choices to see if you find any difference in how things go
    • if you find you’re seeing too many of the same punishments after losing, then take a break from trash talking (may make other endings more likely)
    • it’s also possible that either one of your opponents will flirt with you after the match (somewhat rare, but can happen)
  • if you prefer to be the one dishing out punishment (or asking your partner to), then you should have some headscissor/facesit options available after your match if you did well enough (ie: your and your partners energy is higher enough than your opponents was by the end)
  • naturally if you prefer the POV side, you’re able to ignore your partner as much as you like (which does not 100% negate the chance for your partner to lose the match anyways, but does reduce it)
  • every move you see your partner do, or become put into can evolve into a submission or match ending (ie: even a headlock can end a match, and even right at the beginning)
  • for mixed fans, if you haven’t seen the results of Jason’s Tournament match, it’s because you need to:
    • come across him backstage before the tournament and
    • win in the first round
    • if you haven’t done those above 2 things together, then you’ll miss seeing his highlights

There are a lot of random things that can happen.. enough that it’s hard for me to even remember. One example, is that whenever your talking to your partner, she is taking into account how you did (or are doing during) in the match. So, if she’s being nice to you, it’s because you’re doing alright, or at least enough to satisfy her expectations. But you can piss her off… Running your mouth before hand and then getting your ass kicked may not make her too happy — and she’ll tell you. Even if you won, she may tell you if you’re not pulling your weight enough. Losing to a rival is a good bet to irritate your partner. Has anyone actually pissed off their partner enough to have gotten into a fight with them? (I haven’t managed this yet)

Another interesting play style choice is to create your own rivalries. Your partner may trash talk someone and tell them they’re going to facesit them, only to be on the receiving end of a facesitting and a reminder about it later. So then, if you’re a Tourney Champ, use your Champions Choice next time to pick that same team to go against! Go at them until you’ve beaten them so thoroughly that the rivalry is resolved to your satisfaction (or just enjoy losing).

Apologies for the length of this, but hopefully it helps stir up your own ideas about how to play. I’ve learned a lot just through playing, and I’ve heard other fantastic ways of playing from other members as well.

Feel free to share your own experiences here!


  • licor43

    I have had a fight with the partner, an ending which I thought was very good .In fact, I enjoyed all of the punishment endings.
    I also had my opponent flirt with me once, which had me imagining a follow-up match in private.

    • admin

      Awesome. It is possible to win or lose against your partner. That reminds me of an idea I had where there would be a contest and the person with the highest score would win a custom private match or video interview with their partner or another girl (or something)… but I figured only the 1 highest score winning would just be annoying to most members, so I didn’t bother.

      I’ve actually been tricked by the flirting a couple times, where I think she’s going to flirt and then tells me to kiss her ass instead. I liked the punishments a lot too (which is why there are so many of them :)) but the one where she pretends to flirt and then doesn’t is cool because it’s one where your submission to her is really entirely up to you. There’s also a punishment variation where your partner will actually run away and leave you to be punished alone by the 2 girls, hehe. Most of the punishments have at least 2 variations to them so that getting the same punishment twice isn’t too boring.

      • licor43

        Yes, that is probably one of my favourite punishments. The opponent playing a trick and then the forced ass kissing/scissoring is a great combination. I also liked the typing/forced typing text submission.

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