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Small FvF Update & Future Preview

A short FvF match has been added to the Stories section, titled “The Good Friend”. This one assumes you’re all caught up on the main storyline and makes a callback to an older story. It also follows on the ending from the most recent update. The key focus is on revealing who has been sending Mara the “I KNOW WHAT YOU DID” messages for the past while.

A new section is in progress — it will not interfere with the normal members updates, but will offer certain (previously posted) classic matches to be available to purchase for download. The images would be provided in a ZIP file in 4K quality (upgraded from existing), with the HTML file to view with the story itself (optional). If you’re interested in seeing your favorite matches in higher quality and having them accessible offline, then this might be for you.

The current plan is for Uma vs Shalene to be the first one available (250+ images) for $4.99. Additional matches can be made available in this format, based on your feedback.

As usual, this is the “plan” but is subject to change. Here’s a sampling of what the quality would be like:

(click thumbnail to open)


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