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Round 3 Rules Mini Preview

Now that Round 2 has been posted in its entirety, it’s time to move on to Round 3!

Round 3 is the Semi-Finals of the tournament and features 4 remaining women out of the initial 16. Anyone that wins a Round 3 match will be guaranteed a spot on the main website banner. Whether they will be featured as a victor or victim is a Round 4 matter.

Focusing on Round 3…

This round will have a different set of rules than the previous two. In fact, the participants will be the ones deciding the rules. 

In each of the two Round 3 matches, the woman with the better career record will be given a window of opportunity to challenge their opponent to a custom match with rules they define themselves ahead of the match date. This allows the person making the challenge to choose a match type that they feel fits their style best and may even allow them an advantage. It’s also possible to choose a regular style match or one we’ve seen before, if the challenger desires so. Note that if the challenge is not submitted in the allowed window of time, the opponent will then be given the same window of opportunity to pick a challenge match. 

The earlier rounds saw some longer matches, but also some quick ones that could have gone differently. Although some women so far have lost and still managed to save face, that will not be the case going forward.

Whatever the matches chosen are, they are not likely to be ones where the loser will be allowed to leave with their head held high!

Now, we wait to see who the first challenger is and what match they challenge their opponent to…


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