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Preview: Match #5, Round 1

Match: Layla versus Kim

Scheduled Date: Feb 28th

Match Preview:

In the upcoming Round 1 match to become the next Banner Girl, Layla faces off against Kim.

Both women have a different history and set of attributes that make it very difficult to designate a clear advantage.

Let’s take a look at how they compare…

Kim started off her initial string of Scissored.Net stories on a big win streak, only for it to come crashing down with two humiliating losses.

Now that she’s beaten the Hall of Shame, she looks to continue her path to redemption against Layla.

Layla has demonstrated that she can be strong opposition to anyone thinking they’re close to redemption; just ask Rochelle. After beating the Hall of Shame (similar to Kim), Rochelle had her new win streak come to a crushing close, between Layla’s powerful legs.

Kim takes a very slight (albeit debatable) Power advantage here, but the question in the match will be who has the real leg power? Kim will have to use her quickness to beat Layla and prove that she’s still her old self that handed many other women severe defeats in the past.

Aside from an easy mixed victory, Layla’s only win is against Rochelle. However, it was a dominant victory and one that she looks to build on here in the tournament. Similar to Casey, she has an opportunity to capitalize and make herself a top star on the site.

Kim may have the physical attributes and the superior technique to defeat Layla, but in order to do so, she will have to show that she’s left her two brutal losses in the past, behind her.

Both women are excellent candidates for ‘Banner Girl’, but they’ll have to make it to Round 2 to have a chance. Who do you think it’ll be?

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