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Preview: Match #4, Round 1

Match: Casey versus Kya

Scheduled Date: Feb 25th

Match Preview:

Let’s take a look at how Casey and Kya might compare in their Round 1 match-up:

With Kya’s impressive physical conditioning, she earns the edge in most of the physical attributes. However, Kya has not yet won a match, whereas Casey has steamrolled over all of her competition thus far.

Casey may not spend as much time in the gym as Kya, but as one other hard-bodied woman learned before; Casey is well adept at using her ‘assets’ to envelope and overcome her opponents. Even the best physical conditioning has proven to eventually wear down against Casey’s big voluptuous body.

Casey has faced other fit women before, but none like Kya.

Kya isn’t just fit; she’s a powerful female bodybuilder who has been working out with Yvonne for quite some time now. Kya will be representing the Queen Gear brand in this match and she will hope to bring her friends winning ways with her this time.

Casey has already established her own winning ways in the couple of matches she’s had. If Casey can defeat Kya, she will be on the pathway to proving herself as a top Scissored.Net wrestler.

Kya on the other hand looks to course correct after a disappointing first round exit in the last tournament she entered. Casey is the complete polar opposite to her last opponent (Anne) — Will the difference prove to be easier for her, or even more difficult?

We’re giving a slight edge to Casey based on her superior track record, but attributes alone won’t win the match.

Only the match itself can determine who really is the strongest!

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