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POV / Choose Your Path Story Added

A new type of photo story has been added that puts you in the shoes of the main character. You will be allowed to make choices that change the outcome of the story. All images are done from the point of view of your character. The new story – “Xelia the Tease” is available in the Stories section for members.

Suggestion – You should re-do this enough times to have seen at least 3 significantly different endings.

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  • licor43

    This is fantastic. I really appreciate your hard work on this one. Such a great idea making decisions as you are lured into her trap with one wrong move leading you you being caught in her grip sealing your fate.

    The animation was fantastic as well. She looks so hot! It makes the POV so much more enjoyable. I like how the agent’s hand are helplessly pulling on her thighs in some shots. Also, the view of a thong clad ass in a reverse is always a treat 🙂

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