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POV Boxing Added

The Boxing Game has been added to Stories. Note: Boxing updates are not planned to be a regular thing on Scissored.Net, unless enough members demand more boxing matches. For those that don’t like boxing/pov at all, the story offers stipulations that give you the choice to see something more to your liking at the end.

If you’re concerned about minor spoilers, please do not keep reading.

This is a special ‘Choose Your Path’ story. This update serves a couple purposes:

  1. Advance the current story from where you left off at with Mara
  2. Try out some new tech for ‘Choose Your Path’ stories

#1 means that this story is sort of a prelude to introducing new characters (which doesn’t necessarily mean old ones go away). #2 refers to some things that will be obvious when you try the story — some of the not-so-obvious new features are:

  • scoring systems – ie: in the context of boxing, this means landed punches are counted and tracked.. in the event there’s no KO, the fight can be decided by the scorecard
  • improved tracking of choices – ie: little choices early in the story are more likely to come back to haunt you (or reward you) later
  • try it out and see if you notice anything else..

Hope you enjoy the latest update! The ‘choose your path’ updates are extremely time-consuming, please feel free to share feedback when you see something you particularly like (or dislike).


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