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New POV – Dating Game (Intro)

Check out Stories for a new POV / choose your path style story called “The Dating Game – Part 1”. This initial story acts more as an intro and a segue to your new dating life. This is just a small opening to the next chapter of the story, so enjoy the ride.

A minor spoiler follows….


Note: At one point during this story, it will give you the option to provide your first name, if you like. This is for display purposes only, in order to personalize the experience.  It’s strictly for your amusement and it does not carry over into other stories or anything else at all. If you’re still hesitant, you can skip that step. If you particularly like this feature, please feel free to share that feedback so that we can make the extra effort to include it in future stories.

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  • licor43

    I think this is my favourite story so far. The story line is intriguing and the personalised name is a very nice addition which makes the viewer feel more immersed. Plus I think the story line choices make you want to replay. The girls and the dialogue are very enjoyable as well. I think both the different choices of how Candice applies her scissor is the highlight.

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