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New Ladies Wrestle!

Two new ladies will be wrestling in this weeks update in Stories, titled “Unfit”.

First is Lindsay:

Standing at 5’11”, Lindsay is a musclebound beauty who finds it nearly impossible to find anyone to challenge her fitness level. One such person she looks to is Yvonne; she joined Yvonne’s training class, looking to take her workout to another level based on Yvonne’s ever-improving reputation.

Standing in her way is Erika:

Erika is looking for a more casual fitness experience and also joined Yvonne’s class. She’s kind and polite, but don’t mistake her kindness for weakness; Lindsay thinks Erika is slowing the class down and wants her out. But Erika has no intention of giving her the satisfaction and instead looks to bounce Lindsay out of the class.

This is a highly competitive match that features a big clash of styles… Which style do you think will win out? The powerful fitness and endurance of Lindsay, or the thick fleshy curves of Erika?

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