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New Female Grappling Match

The latest update in Stories is titled “Wrestle Therapy” and focuses on female vs female wrestling. Two new players are featured in this match-up, so let’s get to know them a little.

As Kim and April put the pandemic behind them, they invite a couple of their friends over; Uma and Shalene. Both are strong, confident women, but in their own different ways.


This is Uma. The tall, curvy blonde always has something interesting going on in her life, and she loves to talk about it. Uma projects her confidence outward, which makes her a stark contrast to her close friend, April. While April is always more than happy to hear Uma’s stories, not everyone is.

That brings us to Shalene.

Shalene is every bit as confident as Uma. However, she has an inward, silent confidence and is often annoyed by Uma’s projecting. Shalene’s no nonsense approach may clash with Uma, but they’ve always had a friend to keep everyone cordial; Kim.

What happens when Kim decides to let her friends try a whole different kind of therapy to work through their issues? Wrestle Therapy.

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