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Mixed Story Builder and New User Stories

The Story Builder tool has been updated with the following:

  1. Jason is now available to match-up against Mara, for users to create Mixed stories
  2. A new user story: An FvF match featuring Kara vs Theresa has been added, titled Post-tournament destruction
  3. A new user story: An FvF scissor contest featuring Kara portraying a gymnast who wants to test her leg strength against Theresa as an equestrian with powerful legs of her own

Thanks to the authors for doing a great job on the new stories. If other members would like to see more enhancements to the story builder, please let us know! (admin@scissored.net)

Also a reminder that a big story was added that features mixed POV and FvF wrestling as part of the most recent story arc, entitled “The Last Session“, for anyone who hasn’t checked it out yet.


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