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Mixed / FvF 2 on 1 Office Update

Mixed / FvF combo matches have been a part of Scissored.Net since the first update, where a guy and a girl wrestled another woman at the pool. Today marks the return to this, when a male and female office employee team up to try and take down another female office rival. 

But will this turn out to be a 2 on 1, or a 1 on 2?

Part 2 of Veranna’s Authority is available in the Stories section for members.

The first two parts of this story serve as a sort of a short pre-amble to the bigger story. The direction of this office power-play should become more clear by the end of this one (but stay tuned for more twists and turns!). Also note that if you’re interested in seeing a woman wrestle in their office attire, Judy remains clothed for this one.

Also, just to call it out ahead of time so that nobody is waiting and ends up disappointed; Lyla is not currently planned to make an appearance at any point in this storyline. Lyla put herself in a position where she really doesn’t have any leverage left at the office and it’s finally time to see what Veranna’s version of the office would look like (and if anyone will challenge her vision). If not at the office, where would you like to see Lyla show up in the future?

Lastly… nobody will guess who might show up in Part 3 🙂


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