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Match Preview – Round 1, Match 3

Match: Shalene versus Mazie

Scheduled Date: Feb 22nd

Match Preview:

In the next Round 1 Match-Up for the Banner Girl Tournament is Shalene versus newcomer, Mazie.

Let’s take a look and examine whether anyone has a slight advantage in this match-up.

As a newcomer with no Scissored.Net matches under her belt, Mazie is a relative unknown. What we don’t know from her experience, we can speculate by her appearance.

Obvious from her physique is that she is a fitness enthusiast, and one that Shalene will not likely be able to overcome through sheer physical attributes alone. Mazie has a unique combination of speed and power that should come in very useful during the tournament.

Shalene on the other hand has proved to have a bold attitude and a strong will. Anything Shalene lacks in physical attributes, she will look to make up for with her intensity and her sheer dominance.

Mazie may be the newcomer, but Shalene is still relatively unproven after having only one win against Uma; who actually defeated her, before Shalene turned the tables on her. From that match we do know that Shalene has a lot of flesh on her lower body, and she won’t hesitate to use it to cover and wrap up an opponent until they’re mentally broken.

Both women enter the tournament with a LOT to prove, given their minimal experience. One of them will get the chance to rise up to the second round and test their limits against the very best competition on the site.

Although Mazie enters with the advantage, the ultimate question will have to be answered during the match: Who has the better scissors?

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