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Match #8 Preview

Match: Shay versus Rochelle

Scheduled Date: March 9th

Match Preview:

Alright! It’s the last of the Round 1 matches and we’ve got a confession to make; predicting the advantages here are tough!

Why is it so tough? Well, for one we don’t actually know who will win until they actually win. And although the attributes of the competitors do affect the outcome, the vast majority of these competitors are still fairly evenly matched.

After all, a tournament of squash matches wouldn’t be too interesting. So, we’re as surprised as you’d be by the outcomes!

… but this match will be a little different

As such, let’s see if someone else can do a better job of determining the advantage… Someone like you!

Who has the Advantage?

Good luck!

Both of these women will certainly need it.

This is another one of the few matches where the women are well aware of each other. Another differentiating factor is that they’ve actually wrestled each other multiple times. Each of them has a victory over the other, which could make your job of picking the advantage that much harder.

Maybe you’ll go with Rochelle? After all, she’s been able to man-handle Shay of late and gave her a night to remember in front of her husband Tay… and let’s not forget how dominant she looked in the early goings of the 2-on-1 against Shay and Layla. As for the rest of that match with Layla… Well, I’m sure Rochelle would rather you just forget about that.

Or maybe you think Shay has the advantage? One look at the lineup on the tournament banner will remind you that she’s one of the biggest women in the competition. While Rochelle would rather you forget recent events, it’s a sure bet that Shay hasn’t. Perhaps she’s regained some confidence? She’ll need it.

If you’ve been paying attention to the pre-match interviews, then you’re already aware of the rumour about Rochelle’s supposed neck injury. If it’s not true, then you have to imagine Rochelle won’t last long in the tournament… but if there is truth to it, then she could be a major force to be reckoned with. Rochelle was the runner up in the last tournament, and came within seconds of beating the Queen herself. 

Could it be that there was a reason behind the ‘weakness’ Layla found? Or is it just another excuse from a proud woman?

Let’s find out her answer… Tomorrow!

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