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Match #7 Preview

Match: Whitney versus Mara
Scheduled Date: March 6th

Match Preview:

The 7th match of the tournament is a unique one as it features two individuals who actually know each other very well and have teased facing off in the past.

Unlike the last match (Yvonne against Uma), Whitney and Mara bring a mixed bag of strengths and weaknesses to the tournament that make it difficult to predict an obvious winner.

Let’s do a little analysis to see how they might break down…

Focusing on their physical attributes, it would appear that about half of these statistical advantages are obvious and the other half are debatable.

Let’s start with some of the obvious ones: Size, Speed and Flexibility.

There’s no debating that Whitney is the larger of the two women. Not only is she larger, but she sports a pair of massive tree-trunk thighs and a fairly voloptuous body in her own right as well.

The down side of having all that muscle is limited flexibility. Mara’s body is very well used to having to bend, contort and reach in different directions and this could come in handy as an advantage during their match.

Mara is also smaller and likely to be quicker. Combining her speedy limbs with her flexibility, Whitney will have to watch out for unexpected holds out of Mara.

On the murky side we have a some traits that are a little harder to award to one side: Power, Endurance and Smothering.

Let’s be honest; Whitney is likely the more powerful of the two. But have we seen evidence of this? How do we know Mara’s strength training hasn’t helped her surpass Whitney? Whitney takes the edge in the Power game, but Mara could surprise us… Then again, so could Whitney.

If there was ever a real wildcard in the tournament, it’s Whitney — she’s an unknown. We do know that she’s in good shape from a visual standpoint, but we’ve seen how that can go in different directions so far in this very tournament. Are her muscles for ‘show’ or ‘go’?

Mara has become even stronger in her own right too, so this match will be a good test of Whitney’s apparent Power advantage.

That brings us to Endurance. Mara has definitely had matches where she’s gassed out, but with the combination of her improvement and body type, we’re guessing that Whitney would gass out first.

However, Whitney has been called a wildcard and with her extreme training regiment, she could show us exactly why and outlast Mara.

The last debatable trait is Smother. It will be interesting to see which traits prove to be the most valuable during the tournament. Smother has proved to be an important one so far.

When wrestling in close quarters, the ability to keep your opponent covered up and claustrophobic is highly useful. A strong smother trait can almost be like having an extra limb during the match. Mara herself demonstrated this against Theresa, who had a very difficult time handling her reverse headscissor with such a large posterior obstructing her face.

That being said, we cannot overlook the fact that Whitney is a buxom beauty herself as well. Not only does she have a lot of curves of her own, but she’s simply got the bigger body. For that reason, the Smother edge goes to Whitney… This falls into the ‘debatable’ category, so we’ll see how (or if) that plays out in the match.

The last item: Overall Advantage.

Mara takes the Advantage for one significant reason; her experience. Good or bad, we can all agree that Mara has plenty of experience. Whitney on the other hand does not.

A key to this match is that Mara has been on a quest to learn from all that experience she’s had. After making major progress in Whitney’s training program she ran into a big road block (named Yvonne). This calls into question how much she’s really learned from her experience and whether she’s learned the right lessons.

Rumours have been swirling that Mara hasn’t been seen at the gym in quite some time… but Whitney has. If true, could it indicate some hard feelings or just a strategic decision? What will they have to say to each other when they face off?

Mara has been on a serious journey to find herself of late; to become more than just a subservient romantic partner and to become her own woman. Her quest will be put to the test again when she goes up against Whitney; a woman who is already both strong and independent. What a better way to test Mara’s progress than to face her own trainer? If she fails, she may be accidentally launching Whitney’s wrestling career.

We’ll find out who has what it takes in the 2023 Banner Girl Tournament tomorrow!

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  • raziell

    Yes Mara is propably the most experienced fighter left on this site. She should know every move, every counter, and also dangers of overconfidence bc. She felt victim to that emotion couple of times im the past. She is nearly always a smaller fighter of the pair so she shouldnt try to outmuscle bigger and stronger women, but to use her quickness, big ass and well experience to win rights. Rooting for her.

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