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Match #6 Preview

Match: Uma versus Yvonne
Scheduled Date: March 3rd

Match Preview:

The 6th match in the 2023 Banner Girl tournament will feature Uma returning to take on the legendary Hall of Famer, Yvonne.

This tournament features some of the best wrestlers that Scissored.Net has to offer. As such, all matches have had participants who bring their own unique mix of advantages to the table.

The attributes of each woman are then put to the test in matches to find out what matters the most.

This match preview is different in that it’s the first one to present a very clear advantage for one side:

As we see it, Uma really has no physical attribute that she can hold over Yvonne.

The evidence of Yvonne’s dominant physical attributes is supported by her unbelievable win streak (8 wins). This stands in stark contrast to Uma who enters the tournament both with minimal experience and a poor record.

Uma shouldn’t feel too bad though, as this wouldn’t even be the first tournament that Yvonne has won — She defeated 16 other male and female bodybuilders in the King of King Street tournament.

So, what does Uma have going for her? 

Well, for one, we’ve already seen that physical attributes aren’t everything. Some competitors with good technique and a strong will to win have beaten others with superior physical attributes.

And although Yvonne takes the size advantage, we can see from the preview photo that Uma is still above average in overall size. She may not be as easy for Yvonne to push around as some of the other women on the roster.

We also know that despite losing her last match, Uma does have knockout power in her legs. Based on other match results in the tournament so far, the scissor hold has proven to be the great equalizer and ALL of the women in the tournament are no joke in this area.

Can she get those long legs wrapped around Yvonne?

We shall see soon enough, but for the first time in the tournament, it will be a massive upset if the woman with the advantage doesn’t come out on top. Uma’s stunning looks would make her a marvelous Banner Girl — Unfortunately for her, she’ll have to go through Yvonne to get there. 

Yvonne is set not just as the favorite to win this match, but the odds on favorite to win the whole tournament!

Stay in touch with the What’s New section and Tournament Hub as updates continue to arrive quickly for this special event.

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