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Mara’s Back!

Today’s update in Stories is Mara’s Return and features a short/moderate interactive POV match, with you and Mara facing off against Yvonne, as well as a story updates on several things:

  • Office Life Happenings, such as:
    • how’s Mara finding her new job?
    • what’s happened with Lyla since the Hall of Fame match?
    • how are the new faces in the office handing things?
  • Home Life Happenings

Thanks to compwrestlefan for helping with the writing on this update.

Spoiler notes about the POV match below…



  • there are 2 endings to the POV match — 1 where you win and 1 where Yvonne defeats you both
    • to exit the loop, find the ending where Yvonne is defeated
    • if you are stuck in the loop, try choosing the 2nd option instead of the 1st choice

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