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IMPORTANT: Membership Announcement

Please be advised that the Scissored.Net Membership system will be closing down. All memberships have been automatically cancelled, in order to ensure that nobody is billed after the site updates have stopped.

You will be able to access all Stories until your current subscription expires. To check your expiration date, click your Dashboard link at the bottom of the page while you are logged in.

Apologies for any disappointment this may cause. The reason for shutting down the membership system is due to being unable to provide regular quality updates in the time frame it requires to make all of your subscriptions worthwhile. 

Future updates are still being considered; but using a different model. For example, stories may be sold individually instead of as part of a membership (for a reasonable price). Offering mixed and female wrestling content in this manner will ensure you are getting what you paid for and not subjected to periods of time where the updates are slower, but you’re still paying. The hope is to avoid having to shut down the site entirely.

Feel free to send any questions or concerns to admin@scissored.net

Check back for updates in the future.

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