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FvF Office Update

Veranna’s Authority ventures into new territory as she takes on a surprise opponent outside of the office, in a ‘friendly’ match. Part 3 of this storyline is now available to members in Stories. This is a female vs female only match, as the last two updates were mixed wrestling related.

Bonus: A new section has been added titled ‘Literary Tales‘. These are ‘what if’ style matches (usually run through the match simulation system to see who might win) that are intended to be extra bonus content for members. The idea is just to add a little bit of value to the membership and share some matches that would be hard to make a full image set of, but relatively easy to do as a text-only story. 

These will tend to be matches that might not happen at all, if not for the Literary Tales text-only format. It’s not expected that anyone signs up to read these — moreso that members who already signed up and are waiting for the next update will have a little bonus material to read in the meantime. Anyone that doesn’t like the bonus content can feel free to pretend the new section doesn’t exist 😉

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