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Character Preview – Mantel (Male)

Mantel is a proud man. Why shouldn’t he be? He’s the “Fabio” of the office, as Megan likes to joke. Straight out of a romance novel.

What could a guy like Mantel have to worry about? He reports to Lyla, who loves him. Not just Lyla, but her and all of the other women in the office. 

Mantel’s charms don’t work on everyone though.

Bethany, for example. She’s focused on getting the job done, and getting it done well. She sees some of Mantel’s actions in the workplace as political and taking advantage of how well-liked he is. 


What will happen when Mantel collides with Bethany in front of Lyla? Stay tuned! Check out Bethany’s character preview images, if you haven’t already: https://scissored.net/character-preview-bbw-bethany/

Also, for FvF fans… has anyone been catching the hints of a potential match-up between 2 of Scissored.Net’s finest women? If not, there will be a little more hinting in the next mixed wrestling update.

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