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Access Issue Resolved

Quick note that the “More Rehab” Literary Tale (text only story) had a problem that was causing it to be inaccessible. This has been fixed, so you should no longer be redirected to your member panel when clicking it.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

Reminder about Literary Tales… 

The text-only story posted today features Elina training Rochelle during the Rehab storyline and them having a fun playful match with each other. If you already have an active membership, this is just intended to give you something extra to look at while you wait for the next proper image story. Literary Tales do not affect the image story schedule.

There is currently a new image story in progress that will take a while longer to finish. The current plan is to shift away from the office for a while. (although, it will be interesting to see if the boss brings in any new replacement staff when we come back to them 🙂 )

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