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2024 Preview

Here’s a little preview of the next couple updates, as we approach the new year.


What’s Next?

The next update planned is a short (50+ images) Mixed Wrestling match, featuring Christina and Miles. This will be the 4th part of the “Bullies” storyline. To share a little hint of what’s going on, the recording from the last match has gone missing and rumors are swirling around the gym amidst Erika’s sudden absence.

Here’s a little preview:


The mixed update should be posted within the next week or so.

That leads us to the 5th and final part of the Bullies story. While Erika may have been missing from the gym, it turns out that ultra-stubborn Monique is very much still around.

The current plan is for the Bullies story to conclude with a big Part 5 women’s ending match. For those looking for a little hint on that, think “bignot in terms of length or image count, but in terms of number of people involved. If you liked the opening half of Rehab Part 5 and wanted to see more of that kind of match, then perhaps you may enjoy the plan for the 5th part of the Bullies story.

One thing is for certain — the “Bullies” story won’t end until one side is completely dominated and expunged from the gym. Who would you like to see suffer the ultimate shame of defeat?


Nothing is set in stone beyond the Bullies storyline right now. If someone were to suffer an extreme loss in that story, it could set them up for another iteration of the Hall of Shame event. They wouldn’t be the only ones to suffer devastating losses in 2023.

In 2023, you voted for the worst losses of the Banner Tournament — luckily for those with the most votes, they already have statues in one of the 2 wings of the Halls of Shame/Fame that grant them immunity from Shame and retirement. However, there have been a couple more shameful defeats since then. Namely from these two:

With Rochelle crushing people to shame left and right, does that qualify her for a shot at Fame? Perhaps not before the current Banner Girl gets her shot instead? Who would you like to see get a chance at Fame?

Speaking of the Banner Girl, there were some hints in the ‘Friends with Benefits’ storyline to some “extra-curricular” activities going on. We saw Rochelle and Shay maintain their friendship, while neighborly Layla and Shay took things in the opposite direction with a one-sided match. However, has the pecking order been made clear between the 3 of them?

Another question is whether the Banner Girl should be an annual position that they have to fight for every year to keep, or should we let Layla hold her Banner Girl title for a while longer?

One idea that’s been in the vault for a long time is a college party setting where a match takes place in front of a group. Would an audience enhance the intensity of a match? (it definitely adds a lot more work!). Maybe part 5 of Bullies will help you find out whether that kind of concept is any better than a private match, so that you can let us know if the extra work is worth it.

Lastly, there is another Scissored.Net Tryout match that hasn’t been posted here yet. This will be posted for free in Stories, once the Bullies storyline has concluded. It features leggy newcomer Candy, taking on someone who hasn’t had much attention in stories for a while: Nia. 


What would you like to see in 2024?


  • admin

    Forgot to mention one other thing….

    There are a couple stories that I’ve written and used the match simulation tool to generate matches for, that have never had artwork done and aren’t planned to be added to stories. So the idea is to have some kind of area for predominently written “what if” stories that aren’t part of the official cannon of the site. These are also easier/faster to produce and can lead to featuring more characters or match ups that didn’t any attention.

    This concept is still a work in progress, so no guarantees on it.

    • admin

      One more looming idea that I forgot to share…

      I like the idea of a holds competition where YOU the members get to vote on who won. So, imagine something like the Shay/Rochelle scissor contest where they scissored Tay, except the winner (and punishment?) is decided by who gets the most member votes. Pretty humbling for one of the ladies on the roster to have her scissors out-voted by another womans.

  • gingerslayer

    I want to see bigger women dominating smaller women. Less facesitting and more figure 4 headscissors

    Also maybe fully clothed wrestling once in awhile would be great

    • admin

      Great feedback, thanks. I’ve always wanted to see another strip match, so that could be one possible way to do a clothed match. By “bigger”, do you mean any particular body type (ie: stronger vs heavier vs taller) or anything?

        • admin

          Will bear this in mind, thanks. There’s a new bbw (named Gemma) that was created today, but it’s always hard to predict when new characters will by shown in a story, with such a large roster already. A bbw squash followed by bbw vs bbw match could be interesting too.

          As far as Gloria, perhaps more FBBs that have a thicker build are warranted.

      • gingerslayer

        Oh! The write your own story thing is a good concept but not mobile friendly. I would love to see a change to that and be able to do it on Android. Also include more people in it

        • admin

          It’s always neat to hear that the Story Builder still gets used after all this time. Unfortunately 99% of members seem to not want their stories shared (which is totally fine), so the tool is no longer worth the extra effort to update.

          Maybe someday I’ll do a post about the match simulation tool that I created/use for myself to play through matches.

  • raziell

    Great preview. I like idea of multiple people being involved at the end of Bullies storyline, in fact this site need more doubles fights. Double fight brings more drama and can offset advantage of one contestant, who now have to watch hows his/her partner fight is going. Ofc. one team sitting proudly on struggling losers while chatting about fight/ verbally taunting is added bonus 😉 About fame well I think Layla deserve the shoot, she is banner girl and site face afterall. She also should enjoy her banner site status for some time, the competition she beat to get this title was hard and represented the best women-fighters at this site. Good that Nia a face form the past will have a chance, maybe some other ladies from the past deserve some chance? That asian pair from tournament Carina/Ling ? or even classic like Jane. Thats my take and ofc. Happy New Year from me to everyone here.

    • admin

      Thanks and Happy New Year to you as well. You make a pretty convincing argument for Layla. Glad you mentioned Carina/Ling, as I always liked them. No plans for them at the moment, but they will be kept in mind if any opportunity arises to use them. There’s a little easter egg in the college story where Samar meets Kira in the dress at the club; if I remember right, Jane is hanging out in the background at the club. So many characters, so little time 🙂

      Sounds like you’ve got the right idea for doubles content. Hopefully it ends up meeting expectations.

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