Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do you have any free samples?

Absolutely. Here are a few free things:

Free Story - Picture Perfect - Part 1

Intro to POV Stories - Your First Squeeze (sample)

Sample Images

Free Older Story

What's in the Members Area?

Becoming a member allows you to access everything in the Stories section. This contains thousands of images in almost 200 stories that are linear or interactive.

The Stories / Membership area is separate from the 4K Downloads section. 4K FAQ HERE

How long are the Stories?

Stories range from 20 to 200 or more images. Many of the newer stories are fairly lengthy -- if you're reading everything, it can take a good 20 minutes to an hour to get through one story. We do not recommend trying to get through everything in 1 sitting, so take your time.

For more information on this, see below.

Is it just images?

No. There are several bonus animated clips (usually labeled as such in the Stories list). We are working on improving the quality of our animations (see the 8 minute video titled 'Can Ya Handle it').

What Will Appear on my Credit Card Statement?

In order to protect your privacy your billing statement will contain " *SCNT".

How do I Cancel?

Update: Not needed -- Recurring subscriptions are not currently available.

When you have a membership, we provide a 'Dashboard' link at the bottom of the page, for your convenience. This lets you view your subscription dates. You may also manage subscriptions via CCBill directly, if you prefer.

I'm NEW -- Where should I start?

Start with 'Your First Squeeze - Part 1' and work your way up the Stories section. If you're short on time and just want a quick-fix, check out some of the older stories further down the Stories page.

What else do I get?

Members can access 360 Virtual Reality videos, comic style stories, cartoons, interactive POV stories, wrestling/boxing mini-games, newspaper article stories, video clips and more.

Do you accept custom orders?

Custom orders for artwork are currently not accepted.

What kind of wrestling is featured?

As the site name implies, the wrestling featured contains a lot of scissor holds of different varieties. That being said, all kinds of holds can be found here.

The updates are usually split between mixed wrestling and female vs female wrestling. The ladies in the stories are a range of all different body types, so whatever your preference is, you'll find something for it (ie: bbw, bodybuilders, thin, short, tall, etc).

How do I know which stories are Mixed or Catfights?

Catfights or Female Wrestling is labeled as "(FvF)". Anything not labeled is likely to be mixed wrestling focused.

Do you accept Paypal?

We are not able to accept Paypal at this time. Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.

Can you give a more detailed idea of how much content is featured in Stories?

Sure. Here are some image counts from stories posted around Feb 2020:

Together Forever (Mixed) - 3 minutes 36 seconds of animated video, with a few pictures and a short 2 page story.

The Lie (FvF) - 204 images

You vs Your Girlfriend - 218 images (POV mini-game where you talk/wrestle/sprint/box your girlfriend)

The Truth Part 3 (FvF) - 180 images

The Truth Part 2 (Mixed) - 63 images

Here are some more detailed breakdowns:

Halloween Party - Part 1 (372 images)
This is a POV story where you attend a halloween party with your girlfriend. You end up joining a truth or dare circle, where you can dare the girls to do things, and they'll dare you... which of course ends up with people daring to scissor and wrestle each other. The main event is a female vs female match, featuring a mime wrestling a clown.

The POV / Choose Your Path stories are structured so that if you love 1st person view holds and whatnot, there are things for you to enjoy, but if you don't, then there are matches you can watch as a silent observer or get involved and influence the outcome with your choices. Or you can even trash talk the women and build to your own match in part 2 of the story.

Halloween Party - Part 2 (546 images)
This one is an interactive wrestling match, where you can challenge any of the women in the truth or dare circle. It works similarly to the choose your path stories, except it has an entirely dynamic system that let's you have a different match with any of the women, or you could wrestle the same woman multiple times and have a different match each time. For example, I wrestled Theresa recently and I won; but then I challenged her to a re-match 3 times in a row and she beat me 3 times in a row. One time she facesat me and trash talked me, but another time she just knocked me out and left me there. Another time the women watching were laughing as she made me submit.

Love, Legs and Angry Ladies (161 images)
This is an intense female wrestling match, between the tall, long legged Theresa against the short Asian beauty, Kara. If you're new to Scissored.Net, you'll probably want to start at where your dating life begins, as many of the stories tie in together after that point.

Hot Tub Battle (250 images)
This story features Donna (from the halloween story), her boyfriend and their friends Tay and Shay. An argument in the hot tub, turns into a series of wrestling matches between the men and women, outside the tub. Friendly competitions turn into intense scraps when one person sucker punches the other. One person is squeezed and beaten so badly, they admit their inferiority and kiss the feet of the winner.

Maid in Paris (211 images)
This story features you going on a trip to Paris. Lots of fun to be had around the city and in the hotel room, but what happens when Theresa offers to pay the Maid to wrestle?